If you’re at a professional crossroads, this software engineering training might help.

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You can embark on a path to a lucrative new career with the training in The Complete Introduction to Software Engineering Bundle.

From transportation to commerce to hospitality, entire industries in the U.S. and abroad are all suffering deep across-the-board losses in the wake of COVID-19 aftereffects.

While many industries face uncertain futures, software development and engineering isn’t likely to be one of them. Technology and the web is more vital now than ever, with software already supporting one in every 10 American jobs. With the average software developer making $114,000 a year —more than twice the annual U.S. salary for all jobs — it’s definitely a career worth exploring for anyone looking to transition into a new line of work.

You can get the broad overview training needed to break into this lucrative field with the instruction in The Complete Introduction to Software Engineering Bundle. It’s on sale now from TNW Deals for just $59.99, hundreds of dollars off the regular price.

This package of 13 beginner-level courses can help anyone with designs on a software career get started. 

First, a handful of bedrock courses start exploring core engineering areas, including then fundamentals of web design and electronics.

Of course, no programmer is truly ready to create without a wealth of coding language knowledge — and this bundle features no less than six courses each focused on a different programming discipline. 

The instruction on uber-popular languages like Java and Ruby work nicely with deep delving into more fringe coding frameworks like Perl, Rust and Lua, allowing students to more clearly see where each can best be used throughout the development process. Meanwhile, training in the use of NodeJS and AngularJS helps expand the possibilities for using old-school languages like JavaScript and HTML in new dynamic ways.

With app creation at the heart of modern-day web development, there are also a pair of courses in using creation environments like PhoneGap and React Native to offer speed and versatility to your app builds.

You can pick up all this software engineering know-how and work toward a six-figure salary with this training for over 90 percent off, just $59.99 while this offer lasts.

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