If you love to eat out, you can get great discounts on dinners as Groupon is offering up to 50% off at restaurants in September.

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If you love to eat out, you can get great discounts on dinners as Groupon is offering up to 50% off at restaurants in September. The deals website offers discounts on dining at restaurants like Café Rouge, Patisserie Valerie and over 1,000 independent restaurants. Depending on the offer, diners can enjoy a 50% discount on meals, up to £10 per person, Monday to Wednesday at independent restaurants from September 07, 2020.

Diners can also benefit from a 25% discount, up to £5 per person, also from Thursday to Sunday. At Café Rouge and Patisserie Valerie, however, the reduction is limited to 15%, although it is available throughout the week.

To qualify for a discount, diners can go to the free Groupon app and view participating local restaurants, then select the appropriate Eat Out to Help Out offer.

It looks like the codes only offer up to £10 off for one person, so you may need to download multiple codes for more than one dinner; We’ve asked Groupon to confirm this and will update the story as soon as we hear back. .

The 50% discount code and 25% discount code can be used up to three times per week, and customers can purchase an offer on those days and then use it any day of the week. It is not clear if the 15% discount coupon can be used multiple times and if the code is valid for both food and drink; We asked Groupon to confirm.

However, offers may be used in conjunction with other offers on Groupon. Andy Washington of Groupon said, “The government’s Eat Out to Help Out plan has been extremely popular and has provided a much needed boost to the hospitality industry.

Over 100 million meals have been served through the government’s Eat Out to Help Out program.

It lasted until August and was designed for people to go out and spend money after the coronavirus lockdown was lifted. It gave diners a 50% discount of up to £10 per person on food and non-alcoholic drinks Monday through Wednesday when they dined.

Following its success, many restaurants have decided to expand their catering offer. Harvester, Pizza Hut, Toby Carvery, and Witherspoon’s are among chains extending the government’s Eat Out to Help Out program or offering their own similar discounts for part or all of this month.

Main streets in Britain and other retail destinations have had their best week since the start of the shutdown thanks to the Eat Out to Help Out program.

Asda revealed its own replacement deal in September. Meanwhile, Deliveroo is offering money to participate on its own initiative.

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