How To Speed Up Your Website Loading Time?

Today we’ll discuss site speed rankings and how to increase your website speed. So, when it comes to website speed, this is an important factor of SEO and ranking on search engines, but not the most important. But still, we do need to talk about it because a lot of people have issues with websites.

Website speed varies depending obviously on what CMS you’re using, and how it’s consuming the bandwidth of the server. This would be maybe optimizing images so you could do this manually depending on how many images you have, and I would recommend using Tiny PNGs. You can drop in up to 30 images at a time. This will compress them. Usually, around 50% to 60% depending on the size, and then also you can re-upload those to the site and put them on the correct pages. Now let’s say you have hundreds of images and it would take 10s of hours to compress these and re-upload them. I mean I know some clients even have thousands of images. I use a plugin called short pixels. A plugin you can put onto your website. I know plugins are sometimes able to slow down your site, but when you have hundreds of images that maybe are megabytes, 10s of megabytes, or hundreds of kilobytes, a plugin that takes a few megabytes to cut down hundreds of megabytes is worth it and you will see dramatic improvement with your site speed. Some other things I would talk about with site speed. Parsing your CSS and your JavaScript and where it’s at on the page and how things are pulling from the page. This could also be moving the code to the bottom of the page into the HTML tag and that under the head tag and then also could be lazy loading your images so you’re displaying the content on the page and then the images pop up after. An example of this would be when you slide down on a website and this would be affected. With CSS and images coming in and then showing up, that’s when you Scroll down on the page and then it’s lazy loading that when it’s visible to the user rather than loading it all at once, even though you’re not looking at the bottom of the page. So, these are some ways that you could dramatically increase your site speed.

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