How To Access The Hidden Job Market?

It is estimated that between 75% and 95% of all available jobs are in the hidden labor market, or jobs that are not advertised. This means that for every job posting you see, there are seven to nine other jobs you don’t even know exist. So, instead of waiting for your dream job to be advertised on the internet, you should instead start looking. If you really want to consider all available sales positions, you need to develop an action plan to explore them. You can’t wait for your perfect job to land on an online job board. You have to go to the market and take an initiative. So here’s what you can do to take charge of your job search and actively enter the market and land your dream job in sales. First select five companies you would like to work for. Then pick up the phone and call HR, the sales manager, or both, and introduce yourself. Whether they have vacancies or not, send them a resume to keep in case something comes up. Follow up regularly, every three months. Now select five more companies and repeat the process. Remember that the best salespeople don’t wait for leads to come to them. You go to the market and create them. Now that you’ve entered the workforce and made yourself your product, you need to do the same.

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