How I Learnt Web Development And Bagged An Internship

Credits : Youthkiawaaz


During my second year, I was browsing the Internshala website for an internship. I discovered that most of the internships intended for engineering students were either in web development or app development. I decided to go for web development because there were plenty of opportunities in that field. The only problem was that I knew nothing about web development. Then it struck me that Internshala also offered online training. I strolled through their course content, found it interesting, and enrolled in the training.

My training was to begin in a week, so I spent some time googling the basics of web development and learnt the syntax and semantics. Reading the theoretical concepts was tedious, and I ended up learning almost nothing. The training commenced, and I started with HTML and CSS simultaneously, watching all the videos comprehensively. The modules were short, simple, and descriptive enough to raise my interest in this domain. I progressed to the next module which was Bootstrap. Working on Bootstrap presented the real fun, and it made me love coding. Once I had learned the concepts, I didn’t even need to write the complete code; I’d just add the class name and observe the magic! The next module was about SQL which I found comparatively difficult, but I guess it was made so to instigate critical thinking in students. The most challenging part was PHP since I didn’t even know what it meant. I was worried about linking backend and frontend development, but all my doubts and worries were removed during this training. I appreciated how challenging the assignment for this section was.

I had a lot of doubts and got stuck in numerous places. I had difficulty understanding the commands of PHP and needed help with the unavailability of images, errors in the codes, improper functioning of web pages, and my final project. I’d email them every time I needed support (28 times to be precise), and they would provide suggestions within a few hours. The support I received from team Internshala made me competent in web development in just five weeks and four days. In the end, I built a project on an e-commerce website in three days. This refreshed my mind and boosted my confidence. I enjoyed the training throughout and found it invaluable but had a few concerns such as a deeper knowledge could be provided, and everyone should be offered similar discounts.

I developed a website for the DSW department of my college, working on both frontend and backend development. The website consisted of all the relevant student data such as tuition fee, hostel and mess charges, scholarships, insurances, etc. I added the search bar to it, to make the department’s job easier. I used the same layout as the college website and am still working on its design.

The training had ended, and it was time to further my career by getting a web development internship. I was familiar with the basics and had enhanced my coding skills via YouTube videos and a few more resources related to web designing. I started building various web pages. Within a few days, I updated my resume with the new skills and added my web pages to my GitHub profile. I applied to Sri Saradhi Foundation via Internshala and got shortlisted. I gave a telephonic interview wherein I was asked some real-time questions, my views on taking up a job, numerical problems, etc. After clearing this round, I advanced to the technical interview where I was supposed to design a webpage similar to the mailed format. Within five hours, I sent the code and got selected as a web development intern for six months. Internshala training has laid a strong foundation for my career, and I owe this success to them.

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