Hikari Is A FreeBSD-Focused X11 Window Manager + Wayland Compositor :-

Credits : Phoronix

Hikari is a stacking window manager with tiling support that has also work-in-progress code for serving as a Wayland compositor. However, unlike most X11 window managers and Wayland compositors being focused on Linux systems, Hikari is BSD-focused.

Hikari was presented at this weekend’s Free Open-Source Developers’ European Meeting (FOSDEM) in Brussels as a window manager / compositor initially targeting FreeBSD but is being ported ultimately to other platforms as well: Hikari can also be built for OpenBSD and the Wayland support should work on Linux systems.

Those wanting to learn more about this BSD-focused X11 window manager and eventually a full-featured Wayland compositor can find the FOSDEM 2020 presentation here (WebM / VP9). 

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