Guide Walks You Through Starting Android Development in Visual Studio

Credits : Xda-developers

Credits : Xda-developers

We often talk about Android Studio here at XDA because it’s a powerful IDE made with Android application development in mind. Google is the company behind Android Studio and they’re constantly adding new features that make developing Android applications easier with it. The company also just announced support for Kotlin in Android Studio, and you can download the first canary build of Android Studio 3.0 that now includes this.

Android Studio isn’t the only way that you can develop Android applications though. There are a lot of Android application developers who opt for C++ for various reasons, using tools like the Native Development Kit. If your application or game is computationally intensive, or even has a lot of physics simulations, then there is a performance benefit to using C++ due to the amount of performance that you can squeeze out of it. Others may opt for C++ because so many other platforms support it, or to use specific libraries.

There’s even a number of C and C++ libraries that can help to make your application or game easier to develop. So because there are many reasons to use C++, Microsoft is doing what they can to ease you into the process of using Visual Studio for your mobile application development needs. The company recently had their Visual C++ team publish a blog post of a guide that walks you through how to get started with your Android or iOS development.

This guide starts from the beginning and shows you how to install it, and get the right components setup. It then continues from there by suggesting project templates to get you started, shows how to leverage OpenGLES, and then building the application so you can run it. They remind you that Visual Studio can build your application or game for all mobile platforms, that it has tools to debug your code, and even suggests using Xamarin if you want to build native Android applications.

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