Golden Code Development Releases FWD as Open Source Software

Credits : Prnewswire

Credits : Prnewswire


ATLANTA, April 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Golden Code Development Corporation today announced it has released its FWD technology as open source software. FWD is an alternative to Progress OpenEdge, featuring a range of unique enhancements that add new capabilities to ABL applications. Powerful code analytics, automated transformation tooling and a Java-based runtime enable organizations to modernize their applications and deploy them in the web in a fraction of the time of existing approaches.

Developers can continue programming in the ABL indefinitely, and simply deploy using the FWD runtime environment. Alternatively, some or all development can be done in Java. Organizations can choose the exact mixture of ABL and Java development as needed, changing this blend over time as requirements change. Regardless of the development model chosen, FWD runs on the Java platform and integration with a wide variety of Java-based technologies is easy.

Some challenges for ABL applications can only be solved with innovation at the language and runtime level. The FWD project’s open source approach makes it possible for developers to help define the direction of the infrastructure on which their applications depend. Golden Code Development CEO Greg Shah stated, “FWD provides an opportunity for rapid innovation while maintaining legacy compatibility to preserve customers’ investment in their applications. We look forward to working with the community to make FWD the best possible foundation for ABL applications”.

About Golden Code Development Corporation
A technology consulting firm, Golden Code Development applies its technical talent and engineering creativity to solve its clients’ most complex problems. For more than two decades, the firm has provided engineering services to some of the world’s most respected and recognized companies, including Bank of America, IBM, Intel, Comcast, SunTrust, and Scientific Atlanta.

Golden Code Development’s creation and successful deployment of FWD makes it the first and only organization ever to deliver a fully automated conversion and strictly compatible runtime environment as a drop-in replacement for OpenEdge. As the world’s leading authority on the automated conversion, refactoring, and modernization of Progress applications, Golden Code provides a full range of service and support offerings to back the FWD technology.

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