FoodPanda, a ‘super app’.


FoodPanda believes there is room for improvement in the food delivery market that remains largely untapped in the Asia-Pacific region. They hope to achieve this not by building a “super application” like many of the contemporaries, but by using technology to diversify services with “strategic” synergies.
The Singapore-based food delivery platform processes an average of seven to eight orders per customer per month, which can be considered high in the e-commerce space. But compare the fact that those numbers are still low with the frequency with which people eat each day, according to Jakob Angele, Asia Pacific CEO of FoodPanda.

The food industry has remained young and has plenty of room for more innovation and technological progress. This development was particularly critical for food aggregators and platforms like FoodPanda, which operated with low margins and without the luxury of overloading their services.

So the question is how customers can be encouraged to have more contact points for food or FoodPanda with the help of the technology, ”Angele said during a video call with ZDNet.

FoodPanda was bought by Delivery Hero from Berlin in 2016 and is currently represented in 12 Asian markets, including Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines and the most recent addition in Japan.

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