Floating mega-project in southern India.

Credits: pv-magazine.com

Ciel & Terre, a French photovoltaic specialist, has completed the construction of a floating solar system in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The project was developed for Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation (SPIC) Limited on a water surface at their Thoothukudi facility.

The floating array is based on the Hydrelio Equato floating platforms developed by Ciel & Terre and manufactured on site. The system was built with 37,632 solar collectors with an output of 390 Watt on an area of 15.6 hectares.

Over the years, Ciel & Terre has accumulated extensive expertise and considerable experience in installing large floating photovoltaic systems on man-made and freshwater pools. Ciel & Terre India commissioned its first 452 KWp pilot project at Cochin International Airport Ltd (CIAL) in Cochin in 2019. Last year this was followed by 5.4 MWp at the Sagardighi thermal power station in West Bengal.

Ciel & Terre India is currently running a 75 MWp floating mega-project in southern India, which is scheduled to go live by October this year. The Hydrelio floats for the project will be supplied by Ciel & Terre India’s Kerala factory.

Ciel & Terre International has also opened a global research and development center in Bangalore for innovative engineering and new product development.

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