Find the nearest Charging stations.


EV Plug, a new self-developed app that allows users to find the nearest electric vehicle charging stations. It is India’s first independent EV charging station aggregator app with 1000+ verified listings across 60+ cities in India.

The Delhi-based startup believes that there is a strong need among EV owners to seek a single platform for verified EV charging station listings as the EV charging infrastructure in India expands.

Manish Narang, co-founder of EV Plugs, said he expects the market to be flooded with EVs of all categories and EV charging stations. However, it will take another few decades before you can safely find a gas station a few kilometers away, similar to diesel and gasoline. EV Plugs does just that. Electric vehicle owners can install the app, select their vehicles and find charging stations compatible with their electric vehicles.

The app provides directions from the user’s current location to the selected charging station. In the future, the app will allow EV owners to check EV charging station availability in real time, reserve slots and pay for EV charging via wallet, UPI, online banking or debit/credit cards.

Users can also add EV charging points, photos and descriptions and rate these stations. Electric vehicle owners can access the free app on iOS and Android. The app includes electric vehicle charging stations from brands such as EESL, Tata Power, Statiq, Magenta, Ather.

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