Exascale Software Development Project on Track

Credits : Insidehpc


Software development for future DOE Exascale machines is on track, according to a new Report. While the first Exascale machine is not slated for delivery to Argonne until 2021, ongoing efforts continue towards the monumental task of preparing applications to run 50x faster than possible today.

This ECP Software Technology (ST) Capability Assessment Report (CAR) provides an overview and assessment of current ECP ST capabilities and activities, giving stakeholders and the broader HPC community information that can be used to assess ECP ST progress and plan their own efforts accordingly.

Today, ECP ST efforts contribute to 89 software products in five technical areas. Of the 89 products, 33 are broadly used in the HPC community and require substantial investment and transformation in preparation for Exascale architectures. An additional 23 are important to some existing applications and typically represent new capabilities that enable new usage models for realizing the potential that Exascale platforms promise. The remaining products are in early development phases, addressing emerging challenges and opportunities that Exascale platforms present.

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