Easy & Simple ways to increase online restaurant orders.

Everyone’s taking orders online right now, and if you don’t, you’re probably out of business. But if you are, how are you utilizing this platform today will be covering a few tips to increase your online orders. This way you can outperform all your competition. This way you can have more winnings in your pockets.

Everyone is now trying to adjust to this new normal. They don’t know if your restaurant is open, they don’t know if you accept online delivery for online orders or not, that’s why you need to let them know. You have to shout that you are in business now and you offer online delivery as an option. Put posters on all windows. Let people know that you are now back in business and serving orders online. Why do I keep going to my favourite restaurant? Not just because it’s my favourite, but because it’s the only open place I know of.

The second step to increasing your online orders is to tell your customers to share. Tell your friends you’re open and ask them to spread the word on their social media. They are much more likely to act on it. You need to tell your customers to tell their friends that you’re open for business, you’re open to online delivery, and so you might see an increase in your online orders.

Third step is to update and share within your social media, like Instagram stories, Facebook within all other social media networks out there, and yell at the top of your lungs that you guys are open, that you guys are open for online delivery. Everyone has been quarantined. A lot of people just don’t know which restaurants are open and which aren’t. That’s why you need to tell your followers that you’re open for business and open for online delivery and a lot more people will come and buy from you.

The fourth step to increasing your online orders is to update your Google My Business. Google prefers all companies that have fulfilled all of their attributes. For example, whether or not you have free parking, whether or not you have your opening hours updated. Whether you allow dogs or not. Filling in as much as you can in this system can make Google favour you more. So, for me, as a regular consumer, I would just go to Google and search. For example, last night I typed the best food in my locality and only one place popped up because they updated their Google My Business and on top of that I got to see some nice high-resolution photos. Which made me want to order from them because I’m like “wow, it looks amazing”. And on top of that, they respond to their emails and feedback and reviews which gives me the confidence to shop at this place. That’s why, despite this pandemic, it’s crucial that you update your Google My Business accounts.

The next step to increasing your online orders is to make your website highly visible, and what I mean by that is to have delivery as an option above the fold of your website. That way people don’t have to scroll down, people don’t have to move their browser around. So, make sure delivery is always displayed at the top of your page. This way people know exactly what to order from you. No need to search, no need to scroll, and this in turn allows you to get a lot more sales just by having your online delivery option at the top of your page.

Many restaurant workers collect emails but don’t use them. They do not regularly send emails to their customers. Now is the time to build a relationship with your customers, offer them value, tell them something interesting, connect with them, and then, when the time is right, send them something special. For example, a dinner for Father’s Day, a happy hour meal that you can buy at home, gives you a lot more momentum with your online orders. Why is email marketing so good because you can track how many people are buying from you. How many people click on the link? That’s the beauty of email marketing. Be sure to give value before asking for anything in return. Last but not least, my favorite is adding a personalized message to all of your meals, which I think is key to building that relationship with your customers now. You should always write a personalized message for your customers because now is the time to lean on your customers to get the message across to you and as a customer we are not used to receiving these private messages. So, if someone messaged me when I ordered through Door Dash. Thank you for your support and lots of love. And that’s something I would take to heart because I think this restaurant cares. This restaurant went the extra mile to text me and it turned out that I posted a picture of it, posted it on Instagram, and shared with the world how incredible this restaurant is. So, if you want an increase in your online orders. Be sure to use this best practice to write a personalized message for your customers.

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