Does people finds Love on the Internet?


The search for love in the digital age creates a lot of fear. If you’ve ever heard bad dating stories from your friends, approach any dating app with utmost caution. But just as online dating can foster strangely negative experiences, it also has many benefits.

Does online dating really work when it matters? Even if you’re worried it might not be a good idea (or even a waste of time), like anything in love, it has its pros and cons. We decided to ask the question of real people who have browsed through dating apps to find out what it really looks like. So let’s dispel fears and put the internet to the test.
Many people manage to find romantic partners online, whether they are looking for something casual or long-term. Overall, it was relatively easy for most participants to meet potentially compatible partners.
While it’s always best to try it for yourself, it’s helpful to know how others felt when they met partners online. How well online dating can work depends on what makes it a successful experience. Expert Gwendolyn Seidman, Ph.D. notes that this can prevent us from developing an emotional appeal to the people we meet organically, “A quick decision based on an online photo will not allow for this slower development of physical attraction and can become a potential partner.

Some people don’t look for strong relationships at first. Eleanor from Los Angeles was online for about a year before meeting her boyfriend. When Abby, from San Francisco, started using dating apps, he just wanted to go on a date, she says. She ended up in a long-term relationship with someone she met online. While many have clear expectations, many people change their minds. This is true for Jasmine, who says that when her goals changed, she hoped to find something meaningful.

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