Dick’s Sporting Good’s Grand Opening.

Credits: sgbonline.com

Dick’s Sporting Goods announced the opening of seven new locations including its second Dick’s House of Sport in Knoxville on June 4, a relocated Dick’s Sporting Goods, two redesigned Golf Galaxy locations and three warehouse outlets. The retailer also announced more experience-oriented in-store football stores at a further 47 stores in June.

Dick’s House of Sport Store in Knoxville will feature a 24,000 square-foot outdoor grass court and running track, a climbing wall, a batting cage with HitTrax technology, golf clubs with TrackMan simulators, a putting green and a “House of” cleats seasonally offer products, a health and wellness destination and an established service area for breaking gloves, threading lacrosse sticks and bicycle building / repair. The location is at the West Town Mall, 7600 Kingston Pike. The inauguration will take place from 4 to 6 June. Earlier this year, the company opened its first Dick’s House of Sport location in Victor, New York.

The new Golf Galaxy stores will open in Salt Lake City, 6148 South State Street and Houston, 5078 Richmond Avenue. The upgraded stores will provide access to TrackMan and BioMech golf technology, boxes and custom equipment. The inauguration will take place from 5 to 6 June. The stores offer deep discounts on shoes and clothing with some products discounted by over 70%.

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