Deliveroo Starts Engineering Center in Hyderabad.

Deliveroo, a global food delivery company operating in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, has announced the opening of its Indian Engineering Center in Hyderabad. Deliveroo’s multi-year plan is to expand its world-class technical capabilities with a new team that will focus on delivering world-class experiences to Deliveroo customers, partner restaurants and supermarkets and delivery drivers. It would also develop highly scalable, reliable and innovative next-generation products for its operations worldwide.

The Hyderabad Engineering Center will be an important part of Deliveroo’s central technology organization. The company has already started recruiting and plans to hire over 150 analytics, platform, automation and machine learning engineers in India by the end of 2022.

Will Shu, CEO and Founder of Deliveroo, said deliveryoo is growing rapidly with an ambitious vision to become the ultimate global online grocery platform. The opening of a new development center in India will expand its global team of incredible engineering talent. The center will help them continue to unlock new innovations for every side of their market and develop world-class service for consumers, restaurants, grocers and passengers. This is an exciting development for Deliveroo and it looks forward to working with its new counterparts in India.

Deliveroo operates a three-way marketplace of consumers, restaurants and grocers and delivery drivers to get groceries to people in just 20 minutes. Deliveroo’s service is based on future-oriented logistics technology based on intelligent machine learning. The launch of India Engineering Center provides engineers with unprecedented opportunities to solve cutting-edge business problems as Deliveroo evolves and expands its offering.

India is home to many highly talented engineers and technology experts. The center’s engineering teams will work to accelerate software engineering and development in the areas of mobile applications, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation and data analytics.

Deliveroo has hired Sashi Somavarapu as Vice President of Engineering who will lead the India Engineering Hub. He has led teams at the world’s most technologically advanced companies, including Amazon, Jio Platforms and Ford Motor. Prior to joining Deliveroo, Devesh Mishra was Vice President of Global Supply Chain at Amazon, leading a team of thousands of engineers, data scientists and product managers managing a supply chain across 185 markets. In this role, Mishra built the most technologically advanced supply chain in the world, using data analytics, predictive technology and machine learning to evolve the market and retail operations.

Devesh Mishra, chief product and technology officer at Deliveroo, said some of the best tech talent in the world is based in India, which is why they are so excited to start recruiting in Hyderabad. You know there are engineers in India who are able to solve some of the toughest technological problems, innovate in a rapidly changing environment and combine experience and expertise with an entrepreneurial spirit. The work they do in India will have a global impact and help Deliveroo evolve while being at the forefront of change in their industry. This is a great opportunity for software engineers, data scientists, machine learning and artificial intelligence engineers to work on some of the toughest engineering challenges.

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