Creative Feat of Small Businesses.


Online handcrafted jewelry stores have always been around and recently there has been a huge surge. Their styles range from painted wooden pendants to cartoon-inspired chokers.

To understand what is behind the production process, I spoke to some of the makers.

The creative process:

Initially, production usually takes 3-4 hours and varies depending on the design. The creator of artsy daisy is a high school graduate who creates original pieces from polymer clay and acrylic paint and browses Pinterest for pop culture references. As the creator of Caragach, another college student who has been working since 2019, he delves into local influences such as art in the rickshaw and folk art in Nakshi Kantha.

Raw material:

All of the people I have spoken to are college students and they have faced the general problem of sourcing materials and laboriously delivering products. Polymer clay is imported, and other materials such as ribbon can be purchased locally. It is risky for small businesses to disclose their respective sources. As a student, one also points out a lack of income required to start a business.

The challenges:

The creator of Caragach said he was dealing with customers who changed their minds after placing their order. Small businesses have a lower production rate and focus on making certain parts that are difficult to sell when an order is canceled. The cost of buying materials and wasting hours has done the owner more harm than a larger company that mass-produces uniforms. Unfortunately, this is still a common problem, which is why some developers make prepayments.

The creator of clayomatic, who runs the increasingly popular boutique with intricate toned ornaments, says more about the challenges: “Customers often trade and do not realize the effort that goes into the details. This is not the case in overseas markets with similar products being sold at twice and more”.

Support small businesses:

This is objectively important for social and environmental reasons, so I asked the authors themselves about ways in which consumers can help them with their purchases. As the creator of artsy daisy says, leaving a positive review or just simply sharing your posts can go a long way. Since they don’t generate a lot of revenue, it’s difficult to invest in advertising.

If you are reading this as a potential designer, listen to your clients and not give up. When I was talking about inspiration, artist Caragach explained that they only came thanks to their mother who can find them the pearl they are looking for and advise them what is best for them. The pieces are often made with great care and love and tailored to you. Not only is this a financial support, it also helps these artists to preserve their craft. So, if you want an artistic mala, you know where to look!

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