Consignment shop for parents and children coming to Westover.

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Those who are disheartened by the closure of Finders Keepers in Westover (5906 Washington Blvd) should be happy to hear that a new consignment store is coming to the same space, but with major new changes.
True to the spirit of the consignment store, Amber Scivolette takes a second-hand retail space and brings it back to life – Finders Keepers becomes Blossom and Buds Consignment.

The store will accommodate both children and adults. The offers will include clothing, shoes and accessories, as well as toys, books, games and other items.

The exterior, which is currently covered mainly in plastic, is also renewed. Scivolette said there will be a new panel and pressure wash coming soon.

The new store is scheduled to open in September, possibly with a soft opening around Thursday, September 10 or Friday, September 11.

While exact details have yet to be finalized, Scivolette said that Blossom and Buds will implement COVID-19 security measures. In the beginning it will mean great importance in selling items through Instagram, Facebook and other social networks. Scivolette said the store will offer contactless pickup if someone wants to buy something they’ve seen online.

While many locals opening new stores have had challenges, Scivolette says he has found a silver lining.

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