Comfy organic clothing for babies.

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Taking into account fashion styles and prioritizing the health of the baby, the brand manufactures organic baby clothing that adapts to the tastes of your baby without damaging their sensitive skin. The brand understands that love for toddlers supersedes everything else and presents nothing less than the best range of unisex baby clothing. From jumpsuits and rompers to t-shirts, pants and skirts, we offer a wide range of organic baby, girls and unisex clothing.

Shikha Kumar, Director of Nino Bambino and mother of two shares “Nino Bambino was created in 2014 when I had my second baby. The need for organic clothing in the Indian market made us think of venturing into basic clothing for new parents. The advantage we obtained was the already established export of organic baby clothes. This is the need of the moment, as there is a growing demand and a shortage of good quality sustainable clothing”.

It is a line of organic baby clothes with the aim of offering baby clothes that are trendy, functional and sustainable. They offer unique and desirable designs that are also easy to use. After intense research to develop this idea over the past years, they recently launched the brand for the Indian market. The key personnel associated with the brand have many years of experience in the manufacture, design and industry of organic cotton baby clothes.

The Nino Bambino collection offers 100% certified organic cotton clothing and accessories for babies. Drawing on its experience in the design and manufacture of organic cotton baby clothes and responding to the international market, the brand was launched with the aim of now offering organic clothes to Indian customers.

There is a well thought out reason to provide organic baby clothing these days. With an increase in the amount of chemicals used in the agricultural process, cotton that is turned into cloth tends to cause irritation and skin problems. Young children and babies have extremely sensitive skin, and wearing organic cotton clothing helps their skin breathe easier and reduces irritation and problems. Even the buttons used on clothing are nickel free, which helps prevent harmful metals that can affect your child. In addition, the promotion of organic farming helps eliminate the use of harmful chemicals and environmental pollutants and replaces them with natural repellents and compost that are biodegradable and do not affect the ecosystem.

Durability is necessary for your smooth skin. Chemical-free and eco-friendly clothing is needed, especially in the Indian setting. Sharing his initial challenges, Shikha says it was a challenge to get some people to understand the difference between organic clothing and its usefulness to baby’s skin. Being a mother yourself, you are ready at home models to do all the R&D and have their opinion on the type of clothes they would like to wear. These kids have grown as the brand grows. The market is growing right now and we are happy to play a small role in this incredible shift in people’s minds about organic and eco-friendly clothing in India.

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