Collection of Sports Equipment.


A sports session conducted by Birmingham high school students Cooper Schoenberg, Carter Lutz, Ethan Wise and Mitchell Greenberger has recently started and will continue through early September. Seniors who jointly host “The Student Section Podcast” bring together all kinds of exercise equipment for children up to 10 years of age. The equipment collected will benefit families maintained by the Brilliant Detroit Association.

Last summer, the teen teamed up with the nonprofit to host a book collection. Passionate about literacy, they mobilized the community and collected several thousand books for elementary school children.

Founded in 2015, Brilliant Detroit uses underutilized real estate to create daycare and family centers in neighborhoods. These homes offer programs and services to children all year round. In each location, neighbors come together for friendships, activities and learning to ensure families and children have everything they need to be fit, healthy and stable in school.

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