Clothing isn’t just for people. Pet clothing and accessories are a trend these days.


Although this business has already become a thriving industry in the western part of the world, the dog clothing industry is booming even among urban animal lovers in Nepal. As a result, there are many pet stores (virtual and physical) across the country selling a variety of pet clothing and accessories, including gloves, sweatshirts, boots, socks, coats, jackets, and everything in between.

Here is a list of some pet stores in the Kathmandu Valley where you can buy pet clothing and accessories:

1. Pawsome: Pawsome is an online pet store that only sells clothes and accessories for pets, especially cats and dogs. Pawsome’s main products are bandanas (scarves), overalls (Santa jumpsuit, reindeer overalls, blue overalls and many more) and dog beds. This shop also has a matching headband and elastic band for pet owners and an animal bandana in case you want twins with your pets.

2. Pet Store Nepal: Pet Store Nepal is another major e-commerce website that sells pets, primarily dogs and aquariums, as well as dog food and accessories, including pet clothing. Animal lovers in the Kathmandu Valley can buy animal clothing online and pay the amount upon delivery. Those who are not in the valley can also benefit from the delivery service, but have to pay in advance.

3. Pawshome Nepal: Pawshome Nepal is one of the most popular online pet stores, where you can buy pets, mainly dogs of various breeds, as well as clothing, toys, and accessories. Apart from that, Pawshome Nepal also offers pet food and beverages as well as health and beauty products.

  1. Khicha: Khicha is an online animal apparel store where animal lovers can find Nepal-made costumes for their pets, mainly dogs. Khicha pet clothing is also available from Daraz. And their products include custom sweatshirts, t-shirts, sweaters, and many other dresses.
  1. All Breed Pet Shop: The All Breed Pet Shop is a pet shop located in Naya Baneshwor, Kathmandu. This pet store sells dogs of various breeds, as well as dog clothes and accessories such as wool suits, collars, t-shirts, jackets, etc.

6. Luswaa: Luswaa is a small clothing brand that specializes in crocheting and knitting that is based in the United States and owned by a Nepalese national.
This startup offers a variety of knitting and crochet products such as key rings, neck warmers, gloves, hairbands, hats and crochet, and dog sweaters.

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