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The Sony Ericsson K800 was a multi-faceted phone. From one angle it looked like a cyber-shot digital camera, but like a phone from another side. Look to the left and you would see a button for the music player, inside was a graphic chip capable of 3D games.

A 3.2 MP camera on the back was among the best mobile cameras of all times. It was protected by a sliding lens cover that automatically released the camera when it was switched on.

The phone really looked like a Sony digital camera. It had a two-stage shutter key, the zoom controlled by the volume control. The phone was quite large, but that also meant there was enough room for a flash.

BestPic functionality was quite impressive. It can click 9 full resolution photos that include photos even before pressing the shutter button. You can save one or more of those photos.

How to utilize your best shots? Well, you can copy them to your computer using a USB cable, via bluetooth. You can also share through MMS. If you click on the “blog this” option, the photo will be uploaded to, where it will be available to everyone. Facebook was still new and exclusive to students, Instagram was not a thing back then, how else would you share photos of your food or cat? Jokes apart, this was a feature ahead of its time.

The Sony Ericsson K800 was quite capable. For example, there are two buttons above the screen that complement the programmable keys below. On the camera, they could switch between shooting modes (for example, BestPic, Panorama) or scenes.

To the left of the phone there was a Play/ Pause button and a long press on the volume control to the right could skip songs. It wasn’t a Walkman phone, but a fully functioning music player. The proprietary port used to connect the headphones was not so great. But do you know what it was about? A2DP support, which made it possible to play music via Bluetooth in stereo. Of course, Bluetooth headsets weren’t as common in 2006 as they are today, but they’re still impressive.

The K800 came with just 64MB of internal memory. Maybe you could save up to 100 images, and not more than a handful of songs. This is where the Memory StickMicro came in, you can insert cards up to 16GB (although the slot was not compatible with microSD cards).

In the front, just below the left soft key, was the internet key. The K800 was one of the first 3G phones from Sony Ericsson and had a web browser (Access NetFront), as well as an integrated RSS reader, as well as an email client.

There was also the K790 variant, which only supported 2G connectivity (up to EDGE), but would lose MMS functionality and the front-facing video camera. It couldn’t be used to take selfies, however 2006 was a much easier time.

Anyway, in front was the Activity menu key. This menu was a mix between an application switcher and a notification area. You can toggle between running apps from here, checking for missed calls and new messages, and also accessing app shortcuts and web bookmarks.

Yes, the K800 was a multifunction phone. And, you could run mobile incarnations of some classic PC games: Age of Empires and Counter-Strike. The phone also appeared in the first of Daniel Craig James Bond’s films, Casino Royale (which also featured the M600). Sony Ericssons was a staple of the Sony Pictures Entertainment era of Bond, albeit to a lesser extent than Aston Martin. Of course, every now and then you will get a BMW Z3 or a Nokia 8.3.

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Microsoft says it will no longer contribute to Windows versions of the popular PHP scripting language starting with PHP version 8.0 and later.

Microsoft engineer Dale Hirt announced last week that starting with PHP version 8.0, the company will no longer provide the support it currently provides for PHP 7.2, PHP 7.3, and PHP 7.4. However, we will not support PHP for Windows in any way for version 8.0 and higher,” wrote Hirt. PHP 7.2 will no longer be officially supported from November, while PHP 7.3 will not receive security fixes until November. PHP 7.4 will continue to have one more year of bug fixes, followed by one year of security fixes. PHP 8.0 development is currently speeding up.

Senior PHP developer Sara Golemon clarified that Microsoft’s discontinuation of PHP 8 support does not mean that Windows does not support PHP 8.

“This message means that Microsoft will not be producing official versions for PHP 8 and higher,” Golemon said in a Reddit post. “This message does NOT mean that no one will.

Dropping compilation support for PHP may also make sense to Microsoft due to changes in Azure. As a Hacker News reader pointed out, Microsoft’s original managed PHP offering in the Azure Application Service only worked on Windows, but the Azure Application Service now also supports Linux, reducing the need for PHP. PHP remains a popular programming language choice among developers, ranking fourth since 2015 in GitHub’s annual Octoverse survey behind JavaScript, Python, and Java.

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Amid the call for “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” or self-sufficient India, kitchen appliance brand TTK Prestige announced on Friday July 17 that it would not import finished goods from China after September 2020.

In a statement, the company said it had been working on a “Make in India” program for more than three years and had moved production of most of its finished products based in China to India.

Currently, only 10% are from China, prompting the company to take a strong stance on its sourcing policy in China, following the recent border skirmish with the Chinese military in the east Ladakh last month.

TTK Prestige’s overall strategy is to provide products made in India in accordance with the “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” vision. The brand will now ensure that the products are sourced from India, or from countries other than China.

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Experts analysts who follow the situation around the world explain that after the COVID-19 crisis, the market will generate profitable prospects for producers. The purpose of the report is to provide further illustration of the current scenario, the economic downturn, and the effect of COVID-19 on the industry as a whole.

Stats And Reports has added new global Kitchen and Dining Room Furniture market research that examines current scenarios for future market size, market share, demand, growth, trends, and forecast.

Top Companies in This Report Include: MasterBrand Cabinets, Symphony Group, Pedino, Kohler, Euro-Rite Cabinets, Diamond Cabinets, Standard Cabinets, Reginox Kitchens, Spacewood, Prentice, Masterclass, Premiere Kitchens, SieMatic Vondelpark, TRACHEA.

The main types included in the report are: kitchen cabinets, sinks, countertops and others.

The main applications included in the report are: commercial, domestic.

This research provides a comprehensive listing of all major companies working in the global Kitchen and Dining Room Furniture Market. Besides, the latest expansion of the global market with financial condition, company profile, business strategy and policy has been mentioned in research studies.

Expansion of the key methodology: the study includes key strategic developments in the market, which include R&D, new product launches, mergers and acquisitions, contracts, cooperation, partnerships, joint ventures, and region growth of the main competitors operating in the world and regional markets.

Logical tools: The global kitchen and dining room furniture market report uses analytical tools to include accurate research and evaluation data on key industry players and market coverage. We analyze the growth of leading companies operating in the market with the help of analytical tools such as Porter’s Five Power Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Feasibility Study, and Return on Investment Analysis.

This report finds additional transactions for key geographies of the global kitchen and dining room furniture market and provides current and past inventory details. Current trends, future challenges, future improvements in regional investments and many other factors have been taken into account.

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The first wave of results from a new study by Brakke Consulting Inc. documents substantial changes in veterinary care and the purchase of pet products during the COVID-19 pandemic

The “COVID-19 Impact on Pet Care” study is based on a survey of 1,000 pet owners. Brakke Consulting is conducting the study in three rounds, and the first round was launched in the first week of May. This first round found that nearly half of the US pet owners had been financially affected by the pandemic, either due to job loss or declining income.

Since the early 2020, 21% of pet owners had added a pet, but most of those pets were purchased in January and February. The largest number of pets was acquired in January and the number has been decreasing each month. Younger people, under the age of 45, were more likely to add a pet than older people.

Nearly 40% of pet owners had canceled vet appointments due to the pandemic. The pet owners who tried to make an appointment but were unable to do so said the clinic was closed or were only taking emergencies. “Keep in mind that a lot of people had appointments with the vet,” John Volk, senior consultant at Brakke, told JAVMA News. There were also telemedicine appointments.”

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“Smart Fabrics for Sports and Fitness Market” report (Year 2020-26) includes detailed analysis of impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on market size, market size at regional and country level , Market segmentation growth, market share, competitive landscape, sales analysis and value chain optimization. This competitive landscape of smart fabrics for sports and fitness provides details on the main key manufacturers, including a business overview, total business income (financial), market potential, presence, smart fabrics for the sports and fitness industry.
Explore the growth rate over a period:

Business owners who want to grow their business can view this report which contains data on the increase in sales within a given consumer base for the forecast period, 2020 to 2026. Product owners can use this information in conjunction with determining factors, such as demographics and income generated from other products mentioned in the report to get a better analysis of your products and services. Additionally, research analysts have compared the growth rate of the market with product sales to help business owners determine the success or failure of a specific product or service.

Synopsis of Smart Fabrics for the Sports and Fitness Market:

The Smart Fabrics for Sports and Fitness Market report examines opportunities in the global market, examines data on a historical basis, data estimated for 2019, and data forecast through 2026. Market analysis includes data in terms of value (USD) and volume (MT). The market outlook for the smart sports and fitness market report covers the overview of the animal feed industry, global industry outlook, macroeconomic outlook and forecasting factors. The dynamics section of the market includes key drivers, trends, and restraints that prevent the growth of the Sports and Fitness Smart Fabrics market, value chain analysis, and others.

The exploration specialists determine in detail the significant aspects of the global Smart Fabrics for Sports and Fitness Market report. It also provides an in-depth assessment of future developments based on past data and current circumstances of Smart Fabrics for the state of the sports and fitness market. In this report on smart fabrics for sport and fitness, the experts have studied the main market players, geological regions, product type and market applications for the end customer.

The Global Smart Fabrics for Sports and Fitness report consists of primary and secondary data illustrated as pie charts, Smart Fabrics for Sports and Fitness tables, analytical figures, and benchmarks. The Smart Fabrics for Sports and Fitness report is presented in an effective manner which includes basic dialect, basic Smart Fabrics for Sports and Fitness overview, chords and some facts based on comfort and understanding.

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The Market Report for Thermosetting Molding Materials for Electronics recently published a well-researched market study that provides a comprehensive analysis of the global market for thermosetting molding materials for electronics.

According to the report, the growth in the “Electronic Thermoset Molding Materials” market is primarily due to a number of factors, including Factor 1, Factor 2, Factor 3 and Factor 4. Well Organized Market Research offers a detailed analysis of the main companies operating in the global ‘Thermosetting Molding Materials for Electronics’ market, where production techniques, market share, revenue analysis, price analysis of Including products and revenue generation of each company.

The report assesses the current state of the world market for “thermosetting molding materials for electronics” in terms of volume, consumption, value, production and more. Furthermore, the study follows the latest procedures in different market segments, end-use industries, geographies and the regulatory landscape.

The report digs into the global market for “Thermosetting Molding Materials for Electronics” by product type. The multiple products covered in the report include:

Competitive landscape, comprising market share analysis and providing company insights and analysis based on categories of products manufactured throughout the supply chain and its presence in the global market for thermosetting resin molding materials for electronics.

Market power consumption is inferred through in-depth secondary research validated by industry experts and leading solution manufacturers/ providers during primary interviews. Each interview is carefully analyzed and the market’s average energy consumption is deducted and reconfirmed before being included in the report.

For market analysis, we have considered 2017 as the base number with an estimate of new thermosetting resin molding materials for electronics in 2018 and forecasts for the years 2019 to 2026. The market size is calculated with different types of molding materials thermosetting resin for electronics and according to their sales prices in the respective regions.

In addition, data points such as sales distribution, end use and application distribution, and regional distribution are incorporated, as well as qualitative data from primary research to provide an accurate market analysis. The forecast presented in this report estimates the total revenue expected to be generated in the market for thermosetting resin molding materials for the electronic market during the period (2018 – 2026).

In this report, we forecast and analyze the market based on year-on-year growth to understand market behavior and identify opportunities in thermosetting resin molding materials for the electronics market.

In addition, for a better understanding of the growth of each segment, we analyzed the global market for thermosetting resin molding materials for electronics in terms of revenue opportunity which provide detailed information on potential resources and major trends involved in the market for thermosetting resin molding materials for electronics.

At the same time, PMR used an attractive market index that provides insight into the performance and growth of each key segment of the global market for thermosetting resin molding materials for electronic products.

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The global “Online Premium Cosmetics Market” 2020-2026 research report is a historical overview and in-depth study of the current and future market of the online cosmetics industry. The report represents a basic overview of the Online Cosmetics market share, the competition with a basic introduction of major vendors, major regions and product types. This report provides a historical overview of trends, growth, revenues, capacity, cost structure and key analysis of the high-end online cosmetics market.

The report mainly examines the size of the high-end online cosmetics market, recent trends and development status, as well as investment opportunities, market dynamics and news of the sector (such as mergers, acquisitions and investments). Innovation and technological progress will further optimize the product performance, making it more widely used in later applications. In addition, analysis of potential participants, suppliers, substitutes, buyers and industry competitors provides crucial insight into the high-end online cosmetics market.

The Global Online Premium Cosmetics Industry 2020 market research report also provides exclusive vital statistics, data, information, trends and details on the competitive landscape in this niche sector.

The main data for the countries covered in the online high-end cosmetics market report are the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, India, the southeast. from Asia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and others.

Scope of the report on the online premium cosmetics market:

The Global Premium Online Beauty Market Report is a comprehensive research focused on the overall structure of consumers, development trends, sales patterns and sales of major countries in the global premium online beauty market. . The report focuses on known suppliers to the global high-end online cosmetics industry, market segments, competition and the macro environment.

Holistic market research is conducted taking into account various factors, from demographic conditions and business cycles in a particular country to market specific microeconomic impacts. The study highlighted the evolution of market paradigms in terms of regional competitive advantage and competitive landscape of the main players.

Global online premium cosmetics market which provides information such as company profiles, image and product specifications, capacity, production, price, cost, revenue, and contact details. The analysis of demand for raw materials and equipment are also carried out upstream. The global online premium cosmetics market development trends and marketing channels are analyzed. Finally, the viability of new investment projects is assessed and general research conclusions are proposed.

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The jewelry industry, which is experiencing a slowdown in consumer demand amid the pandemic, would need digital strategies for its growth after the COVID-19 crisis, according to a report from the World Gold Council. The report notes that while the online gold market is still in its infancy in India, social and digital activities play a key role in the buying journey.

“In urban India, consumers are browsing online / mobile pre-purchase apps and using online blogs and social media for ideas and inspiration. Mobile applications / wallets play a key role in the growth of Internet Investment Gold, ”he said.

COVID-19 urged retailers in India to reassess their business model and implement an improved digital strategy, according to the report on the online gold market in India, adding that successful retailers adopt an omnichannel strategy to drive online sales.

“There is a real opportunity for growth in the online gold market in India if you can improve the end-to-end gold jewelry buying journey and thereby establish the ‘loyalty cycle’. market growth after COVID-19, the industry needs digital strategies to ensure that gold jewelry reaches more consumers at the review stage of their buying journey and reaches them more frequently ”.
The WGC report noted that the COVID-19 outbreak and the consequent closure of stores in March caused jewelry sales to collapse.

With the stores closing, retailers, such as major jewelry brands, launched various incentives and offers in April, including prize opportunities, gold rate discounts, gold certificates of ownership or gold coupons, and the exchange of gold coins for jewelry via e-commerce websites during Akshaya Tritiya.

“Yet online sales volumes haven’t approached the same time frame in 2019. COVID-19 has forced jewelry retailers to reconsider their business model and implement digital as a core strategy “says the report.

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The industry is facing a problem like we have not seen in the last 20 years. Demand is expected to return to only during the October-December festive season. According to a report released on Friday, store closures due to the coronavirus epidemic, social distancing, and lack of demand may result in a 30-35% reduction in revenue.

Credit rating agency Crisil said the sector’s revenue will drop to less than a third when it reaches 1.7 billion. Thus, operating profit is expected to be affected by 200 basis points, but the steady decline in operating profit will increase sharply, mainly in order to meet the cash flow deficit, which requires additional funds from the lender. This also affects credit metrics.

According to a sample analysis of 60 Crisil-rated April retailers representing one-third of sales in this sector, demand is expected to return only at the festive season from October to December.

In the apparel sector, department store-type sales, which account for a third of the sample set’s revenue, will be cut by nearly 40%, which will be devastating. Half of these department stores are mainly in shopping malls and metropolitan cities.

Fashion retailers, which account for two-thirds of the industry, are affected by 30%, as they have greater impact in smaller towns. However, the above vendors are likely to make more contributions in consumer online channels this fiscal year by changing consumer buying patterns according to the epidemic.

Gautam Shahi, director of Crisil Ratings, said, “To increase footfalls, retailers may have to offer discounts while also incurring higher costs to ensure adherence to social distancing. On the other hand, we also expect retailers to convert a portion of fixed lease rentals to variable, in addition to pruning employee costs, and other discretionary spends. Considering these aspects, operating profitability will moderate by up to 200 bps this fiscal, from about 7-8% in fiscal 2020.”

According to Crisil, it is important to change the revenue from stable to fluctuating. Otherwise, the marginal effect is serious. Rental and employee expenses typically account for 20% of the total gross retail income, and most of these expenses are essentially fixed.

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