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Python sits firmly in top place in the newest annual ranking of popular programming languages by IEEE Spectrum.   

The ranking and others like it are meant to help developers understand the popularity of languages in a world where no one really knows what programmers are using on their laptops. 

IEEE Spectrum has placed Python in first spot since 2017, and last year it was just ahead of C++. The top language is given a score of 100, and all languages with lower scores are scaled in relation to it. C++ last year scored 99.7, followed by Java at 97.5, and C with 96.7.

Today, in the IEEE Spectrum’s sixth annual ranking, Python’s 100 is a long way ahead of runner-up Java’s 96.3 score, while C is in third place with 94.4. C++ has slipped to fourth with 87.5, while in fifth is specialist statistical computing language R with a score of 81.5. 

The magazine for engineering members of IEEE, the world’s biggest engineering and applied-science organization, attributes Python’s popularity to the vast number of specialized libraries it has, especially for developers building artificial-intelligence applications. 

It singles out the Keras library, because it provides an interface to the Google-developed TensorFlow, and the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK), as well as Theano deep-learning Python library. 

Another field that’s emerged in the years since Python’s first release in 1991 is microcontrollers from the likes of Adafruit, as well as tiny cheap computers like the Raspberry Pi.

Rounding out the top 10 programming languages are JavaScript, Microsoft’s C#, Matlab, Apple’s Swift, and Google-hatched Go. 

IEEE Spectrum notes that its list’s default weighting is optimized for “the typical Spectrum reader”, which might help explain Matlab’s presence there. It notes that Matlab’s high ranking may come as a surprise to some but “simply reflects the language’s prominence in hardware engineering”. 

The ranking is based on 11 metrics from eight sources, including CareerBuilder, Google, GitHub, Hacker News, the IEEE, Reddit, Stack Overflow, and Twitter.

Tiobe, which has its own language ranking index based on several search engines, has also published its results for September 2019. 

The top language, according to Tiobe, remains Java, followed by C, Python, C++, C#, Visual Basic .NET, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, and Objective-C. 

One notable shift in this month’s ranking is PHP, which looks set to lose its spot in Tiobe’s top 10 where it’s had a place since 2001. 

“From its start PHP was the Visual Basic for web design: easy to learn, easy to deploy, but mainly used by web designers with a limited software engineering background. The downside of PHP’s simplicity was that it was relatively easy to shoot security holes in it,” Tiobe analysts noted. 

They go on to note that Facebook, which was originally built with PHP, launched its alternative to PHP, Hack, in 2014 and since then JavaScript, TypeScript and Python have become the most popular languages for web development. 

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Aside from the hardware challenges Samsung faced when developing the Galaxy Fold, the tech giant also had to think about the user experience and how the software will get along with the new form factor. Well, the Korean tech giant says it began development way back in April 2018 and collaborated with Google, other app partners and Android developers.

Right after the introduction of the Infinity Flex Display at SDC 2018, Samsung and Google set up test labs in several key cities across the globe and invited partners and developers to test out their apps on the foldable phone. And with the new Android 10, Google promises further optimizations to the foldable form factor.

With Android 10, we can expect improved resizable activities, multi-resume feature and Android Emulator to support multiple-display switching.

Some of the specially optimized apps for the Galaxy Fold include Amazon Prime Video, App in the Air, Facebook, iHeartMedia, Microsoft apps, Spotify, Twitter, VSCO.

Samsung is paving the way for future foldable devices so that the most commonly used apps behave well on the new flexible OLEDs.

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According to the TIOBE Index for August 2019, Java is still the top functional programming language skill most software development industry professionals are focusing on. C, C++, and Python aren’t far behind, either.

But does this list necessarily mean that Java is the best programming language to learn when you’re just starting out? (Read Top 5 Programming Languages For Machine Learning.)

Even if it is, does it make sense to learn that now if Python or another programming language like Groovy suddenly makes a giant leap as the must-learn language of the present and future? TIOBE reflected a 31-spot jump in the rankings for Groovy (up to 13th from 44th).

Is there or will there ever be a one-size-fits-all language that will become universal amongst all software development strategies?

These answers are better left with the tech experts.

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OnePlus is now seeding the latest Developer Preview 5 for its latest phones – the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro. As the name states, it’s a developer preview version of Android Q so it’s not stable enough for day to day use.

The changelog states that the new version improves the system functions and stability. It also adds OnePlus’ full-screen gesture navigation. The whole build is based on Google’s Android 10 Beta 6.

The known issues, for now, are mainly compatibility problems with some apps, including Google Pay. Users also report system lag and stability issues from time to time.

Although OnePlus doesn’t say anything about that, we are pretty sure that this would be the last Developers Preview update before the final version of Android Q arrives, which should be tomorrow, as per Google’s customer support chats. There’s also a rumor going around that OnePlus wants to release its software update shortly after Google’s but we will see if the developers over at the Chinese company will pull it off.

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Jet2 Travel Technologies Pvt Ltd (J2TT) has launched its global software development and innovation centre for and Jet2 Holidays in Pune, which will operate in a virtual captive centre (VCC) model. and Jet2Hholidays are the UK’s third-largest airline and second-largest tour operator, respectively.

Speaking at the launch of the incubation centre, Kevin Judge, IT Development Head, Jet2 Travel Technologies, said, “The Indian team would also have a great opportunity to work alongside our UK colleagues to get some unique international exposure. We are looking at hiring around 300 technical staff in Pune VCC in the coming years.”

VCCs are a fast emerging trend in India with international brands setting them up to attract top talent and maximise value delivery. Saurabh Limaye, Managing Director at J2TT India and CEO of Dataction Analytics, said, “VCC enables companies to reduce risks and gain access to top talent while reducing costs. This working model is gaining popularity in India because of the depth and breadth of technical expertise available in the country”

The VCC would assist Jet2 in its strategy to deliver innovative and industry-leading products with scale, experience, competitiveness and a customer-focussed approach. J2TT leadership team will work towards ensuring that Jet2’s global vision meets local execution to deliver success.

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Foxit Software, the company behind PDF reader Foxit Reader and PDF editorPhantomPDF, is forcing users to reset their password after it suffered a data breach.

The software developer has not revealed a great deal about the nature of the security incident, and has been somewhat vague about when it took place. In a security advisory, the company says that it “determined that unauthorized access to its data systems took place recently”.

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The notice goes on to say that a third parties managed to gain gained access to data ‘My Account’ data. This includes information such as email addresses, passwords, names, phone numbers, company names and IP addresses.

The company has not said whether passwords were encrypted or stored in a readable format, and has remained strangely quiet about the incident on its social media channels. 

Beware phishing

Foxit Software stresses that no payment information was exposed, but the news will still be concerning for anyone who has paid for software from the company. While users of its free programs do not have to save personal information to My Account, anyone who has paid for software is required to do so. Foxit warns users to be vigilant for phishing scams.

An investigation is underway to determine what happened, and Foxit is working with law enforcement agencies and data protection authorities, as well as conducting analysis via a security management firm.

Everyone affected by the data breach should have received a password reset email from Foxit Software. If you have not received such an email, or you are just concerned about the security of your account, you can change your password here. 

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To better manage your employees you need to have good human resources (HR) software. The best out there will cover all aspects for you, from tracking applicants to following through the hiring process, as well as being able to organize and schedule training, payrolls, taxes, and benefits. Even better is if you are also able to monitor employee performance, to ensure that supervision and further training can be recommended as required.

However, not all HR software is as fully featured as this, and if you already have payroll integrated with accounts, and training provision already covered, you may only require a HR solution that tracks applicants for new vacancies and the hiring process itself.

Ultimately, which HR software you use will depend upon your business needs, and how much of the HR process is not yet properly covered by any mechanisms, applications, or software platforms already in place.

Here then we’ll look at a range of the best in HR software. All of these deliver on different features and elements of the HR process for you to manage, and all of these recommendations have been based on a number of considerations, not least features, cost, professional reviews, and user experiences.

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The Laravel development application is considered as one of the best PHP frameworks among the developers in complex PHP web projects development industry. With its sophisticated inbuilt tools and other useful resources, this framework can easily make your processing cycles and time shorter. It can make all the development works classy and creative for the PHP web developers.

 Laravel Development is nothing but fun and an enhanced mode of PHP development. It is like a next-generation server-side web language for all the developers in the PHP community. Proficient Laravel Developers are always opting for the best technical solution for a web application.

Laravel development process provides faster installation and extension rather than other frameworks. Here in this article, you will get the details on the top ten advantages of using this Laravel Development for your development works. So, let us have a quick look at it.

1. Model view control structure:

Laravel development works on Model View Control or MVC structure for the higher quality presentation of the PHP projects. This structure has the enhancing ability of application logic clarity that helps the developers to create better codes and documentation on the framework.

This is one of the main reasons for the increasing demand for Hiring Laravel Expert for many PHP projects all over the world. It makes all the development process faster which is a necessary factor not only for a faster development process but also to accelerate healthy revenue from the result.

By using MVC architecture you can improve the performance of your web apps development works and that is the main reason why people choose Laravel in current days.

2. Authorization & authentication systems:

All the owners of the web app need to secure their authorization and authentication from unauthorized users to access their resources. The straightforward authentication implementation of Laravel is the perfect answer for all the app owners. This framework provides total control over resource access by configuring almost everything.

3. Templating tools availability:

It is always easier to build a simple but highly functional layout by using this framework. Blade, the inbuilt templating tool of Laravel helps the developers to seed the dynamic content of web app with its lightweight templates robust with CSS and JS code. There is a vast range of template collections to select from and all the templates are specially designed for high-speed development works without hampering the performance.

4. Database migration:

Migrations of databases are one of the significant advantages of the Laravel framework. It allows the Laravel developers to undo the changes easily and simply to the database.

By using this migration, a developer can share the databases to the other one in his/her team in a smooth way. This is the latest facility added by the Laravel developers and it helps to pair migrations that can save a lot of time for the app developers.

5. Object-oriented libraries:

Laravel framework comes with object-oriented libraries including one Authentication library in it. These libraries are stuffed with various easy-to-use and easy-to-implement features and tools for the developer. This framework is divided into modules that help PHP developers to develop responsive and modular apps.

6. Easy to handle large projects:

Easy and simple handling of the Laravel framework makes most of the app owners get interested to Hire Laravel Developers to get their large PHP projects done before the deadline. Its powerful features and helpful development tools are the key factors for the developers to boost their working speed and enjoy their work-loads at the office.

7. A powerful community:

Laravel has the most powerful community of development companies and developers that supports to make this area more scalable. As a developer, if you need to know about some complex functionality, you can have all kinds of help and advice from society to make your app work as per your need. There is nothing like any complex functionality to stop your app development work.

8. Future-ready apps:

Laravel framework is evolving on an everyday basis to be the best in the future and the increasing trend is now showing the truth of this word. With its extraordinary functionalities, this framework is going to help the entire population along with the app owners and developers to fulfill their technological needs.

9. Developer-friendly code:

Laravel framework comes up with various templates, tools, and libraries that make the development work very easy for the developers. It is very vital to keep your developer hassle-free in his/her work to get the highest level of creativity and high-quality designer works from them. Laravel has an easy-to-understand code facility that makes the developers enjoying their works.

10. Multilingual apps:

There are tools to create Multilingual Apps quickly in Laravel framework. This is one of the best advantages of this development service. If you want to expand your business across various countries with different languages, then Laravel can be your best option to flourish it all over the world. There are tools and facilities to develop your web applications in different languages in Laravel that too in a faster way. 

In current days, every business owner is trying to speed up their working process and digital transformation to boost up productivity and revenue-generating ability all over the world. And, this is the main reason why we need to choose the perfect framework for our web application.

Choosing this Laravel framework can make your development of web applications work at least 10 times faster for your company. It can also work as a gift to your developers to make them enjoy their work.

Moreover, the ones stated above are the most significant advantages of the Laravel Development framework that can enhance your workability and productivity to make your web application business a famous one for its users. So, choose the right framework for your app development and get your job done in a faster way with Laravel.

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The ‘ PHP Web Frameworks Software market’ research added by Market Study Report, LLC, is essentially an exhaustive review of present and future trends of this business sphere. The report also collates a concise outline of industry share contenders, market share, market size in terms of value and volume, distribution channel, and geographical spectrum along with revenue predictions of the industry landscape.

This research report on the PHP Web Frameworks Software market includes an elaborate assessment of this business vertical. The report also comprises a detailed summary of the segments, in addition to a basic overview of the PHP Web Frameworks Software market regarding its current status as well as the industry size, with respect to the volume and revenue parameters.

The report is a universal account of the major insights related to the geographical landscape of this business as well as the companies that have a reputable status in the PHP Web Frameworks Software market.

How far does the scope of the PHP Web Frameworks Software market traverse

  • A basic overview of the competitive terrain
  • A detailed outline of the regional stretch
  • A brief overview of the segmentation

A succinct overview of the competitive landscape

  • The PHP Web Frameworks Software market report thoroughly explores the competitive spectrum of this business.
  • The report also provides a complete examination of the numerous possibilities prevailing in the business through the segmentation of the same into companies such as Laravel, Phalcon Framework, CakePHP, Zend, Swoole, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Kraken Framework, Yii, Modx, Silex and FuelPHP.
  • The study reveals details pertaining to each industry participants’ market share, area served, manufacturing sites and more.
  • Data connect to the manufacturer’s product portfolio; respective product applications and product features have been emphasized in the report.
  • The report profiles well-known players along with facts concerning their gross margins and price models

A comprehensive outline of the regional gamut

  • The research report largely sections the regional landscape of this vertical. As per the report, the PHP Web Frameworks Software market has established its presence across regions such as United States, China, European Union, Rest of World.
  • The study comprises of details regarding the market share amassed by each region. Additionally, details about the growth prospects for all the regions specified in the report is also provided.
  • The approximate growth rate to be recorded by each region throughout the forecast period has been correctly stated within the research report.

A brief overview of the segmentation

  • The PHP Web Frameworks Software market report exemplifies the bifurcation of this industry through extreme detailing.
  • The product spectrum of the PHP Web Frameworks Software market is divided into Full-stack Frameworks, Microframeworks, Asynchronous Frameworks and Other, while the application of the market has been grouped into Enterprises, Public Sectors & Organizations, Personal Use and Other.
  • Data stating the market share accumulated by each product segment, in conjunction with its market value in the business, have been detailed in the report.
  • The report also elaborates information concerning production growth.
  • With reference to the application landscape, the report lists data about the market share, gathered by each application segment.
  • In addition, the report sheds light on the details about product consumption of each application as well as the growth rate to be garnered by each application segment over the estimated timeframe.

Some of the Major Highlights of TOC covers:

PHP Web Frameworks Software Regional Market Analysis

  • PHP Web Frameworks Software Production by Regions
  • Global PHP Web Frameworks Software Production by Regions
  • Global PHP Web Frameworks Software Revenue by Regions
  • PHP Web Frameworks Software Consumption by Regions

PHP Web Frameworks Software Segment Market Analysis (by Type)

  • Global PHP Web Frameworks Software Production by Type
  • Global PHP Web Frameworks Software Revenue by Type
  • PHP Web Frameworks Software Price by Type

PHP Web Frameworks Software Segment Market Analysis (by Application)

  • Global PHP Web Frameworks Software Consumption by Application
  • Global PHP Web Frameworks Software Consumption Market Share by Application (2014-2019)

PHP Web Frameworks Software Major Manufacturers Analysis

  • PHP Web Frameworks Software Production Sites and Area Served
  • Product Introduction, Application and Specification
  • PHP Web Frameworks Software Production, Revenue, Ex-factory Price and Gross Margin (2014-2019)
  • Main Business and Markets Served

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A new dialect of PHP, code-named P++, could be developed as a stricter variant of its dynamic predecessor, with more advanced features and less baggage.

The proposal, being floated in the PHP community by PHP cofounder Zeev Suraski, would have P++, or whatever it is eventually called, living alongside PHP but not bound by PHP’s historical philosophy. P++ would not be a fork, but it would be inherently more strict and could be more daring with backward compatibility.How did they do it the hacker sent an email boarding?[ Node.js vs. PHP: An epic battle for developer mindshare. | Keep up with hot topics in programming with InfoWorld’s App Dev Report newsletter. ]

Elements now considered “baggage,” such as short tags, could be removed while complex features, especially ones for strictly typed languages such as strict operators or typed variables, could be added without introducing the same complexity to the PHP dialect.

Like PHP itself, P++ would predominantly be for server-side web development. The planned PHP 8 release already is expected to extend PHP beyond web development, with a just-in-time engine and interoperability with C/C++ libraries.

The vast majority of code in PHP and P++ would be identical. Most code would be shared between PHP and P++ nodes both in source and at runtime. But they would have different implementations. Binaries will be identical.

What is not clear yet is how a file would be marked as a P++ file. It would probably have a special header at the top. Builders also could find ways to mark entire namespaces as P++, so the frameworks do not have to mark each file as P++.

Data structures, web server interfaces, key subsystems, and most everything else will be the exact same code regardless of whether a file is executed as PHP or P++. Still, two versions of certain pieces of code would have to be maintained. And P++ is likely to have additional checks compared to PHP. Developers could mix and match PHP and P++ in the same app. Both dialects could be run on a single server.[ Learn Java from beginning concepts to advanced design patterns in this comprehensive 12-part course! ]

If P++ happens, it would mean a different evolution for PHP. Strictness and type-related features are likely to go in P++. Bias for backward compatibility will stay in PHP. Unrelated features, such as performance improvements in the engine or developments in extensions, would be available in both P++ and PHP.

Zuraski points out potential options for the P++ language:

  • Staying with a dynamic PHP, which would not be accepted by proponents of a stricter language.
  • Evolving toward a stricter PHP, not acceptable to proponents of a more dynamic language.
  • Forking the codebase, a net loss for everyone involved.
  • Devising a solution to cater to both audiences, which is what the P++ proposal attempts.

Concerns about the P++ proposal include:

  • Converting PHP code to P++ would not be trivial. How true that is will depend on what ultimately ends up in P++.
  • PHP tools will not support P++. But it could be simpler for vendors to support P++ rather than support granular declare()s or an unlimited amount of editions.
  • Breaking of PHP compatibility. But doing so via a new dialect rather than breaking PHP itself could be more palatable.

P++ would differ from Facebook’s Hack language, which was built on PHP, in that:

  • Hack was developed by a single company.
  • Hack and the accompanying HHVM virtual machine do not have PHP’s large distribution vehicle.

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