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With the big Linux 5.6 kernel on the open-source NVIDIA “Nouveau” driver side there is finally accelerated support for the GeForce RTX 2000 “Turing” graphics cards (when paired with binary-only microcode). With that initial cut support is no GeForce 16 series Turing support, but that is now on-deck for Linux 5.7.

While the GeForce 16 series is Turing based and just without the RTX cores, firmware/microcode differences and other subtle changes were needed to the Nouveau kernel driver for enabling its open-source hardware accelerated support.

That NVIDIA Turing TU116/TU117 support is now queued in the Nouveau development tree so that come Linux 5.7 the GeForce GTX 1650 and GTX 1660 series can run on this open-source driver stack. Granted, the closed-source firmware binaries are necessary and there is no re-clocking yet so the hardware is pegged to running at its generally very low boot clock speeds and that means extremely slow performance.

We’ll see what more materializes for Nouveau in Linux 5.7, in addition to the NVIDIA format modifiers support that already landed in the Nouveau DRM Git repository this week.

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Web development has become a very prominent line of career in the tech world. People all around the world are learning the necessary skills to start a lucrative career. You can also become one of these blessed individuals and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars trying to get a fancy college degree. Wccftech is offering an amazing discount offer on the Essential PHP Coding Bundle.

Essential PHP Coding Bundle features

The offer will expire in a few days, so avail it as soon as you can. The bundle is extensive and it contains 4 amazing courses. With the help of these courses you will be able to start your journey with web development by learning the fundamentals of PHP and object oriented programming. The courses are extensive and each course has a unique aspect to offer. Here are highlights of what the Essential PHP Coding Bundle has in store for you:

  • Fundamentals of PHP Training Course
    Learn the Basic Programming Concepts in the Most Popularly Used Server-Side Programming Language
  • PHP Development with the Laravel Framework Training Course
    Develop Homepages, Create Accounts & Activate Emails Using the Open-Source Laravel PHP Framework
  • PHP Object Oriented Programming: Build a Login System Training Course
    Create an R/L System Using PHP & OOP Together
  • Python Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals Training Course
    Create Advanced & Easily Maintainable Python Applications with Object-Oriented Programming

The bundle and the courses have been designed by GreyCampus. They are known for providing quality courses for skills development and certification training. They have produced many quality courses that have helped people all around the world in different professions. The courses range from Big Data, Data Science, Quality Management, Project management and more. All the courses have been designed by experts with years of relevant industry experience. So, you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands.

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“Rapid application development Market was valued US$ 7.9 Bn in 2017 and is expected to reach US$ 52.59 Bn by 2027, at CAGR of +27% during forecast period”.

The report titled, “Rapid Application Development (RAD) Software Market” boons an in-depth synopsis of the competitive landscape of the market globally, thus helping establishments understand the primary threats and prospects that vendors in the market are dealt with. It also incorporates thorough business profiles of some of the prime vendors in the market. The report includes vast data relating to the recent discovery and technological expansions perceived in the market, wide-ranging with an examination of the impact of these intrusions on the market’s future development.

Top Key Companies Players Analyzed in this Report are:
Zoho Creator, KiSSFLOW, OutSystems, Bizagi, Appian, FileMaker, Nintex, Quick Base, Airtable, Zudy.
Market segment by Type, can be split into:
o Cloud Based
o Web Based

Market segment by Application, split into:
o Large Enterprises
o SMEs

The scope of the Rapid Application Development (RAD) Software Market report is as follows the report provides information on growth segments and opportunities for investment and Benchmark performance against key competitors. Geographically, the global mobile application market has been segmented into four regions such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the rest of the world.

This report gives an in depth and broad understanding of Rapid Application Development (RAD) Software Market. With accurate data covering all key features of the prevailing market, this report offers prevailing data of leading companies. Appreciative of the market state by amenability of accurate historical data regarding each and every sector for the forecast period is mentioned. Driving forces, restraints and opportunities are given to help give an improved picture of this market investment for the forecast period of 2020 to 2027.

Finally, all aspects of the Global Rapid Application Development (RAD) Software Market are quantitatively as well qualitatively assessed to study the Global as well as regional market comparatively. This market study presents critical information and factual data about the market providing an overall statistical study of this market on the basis of market drivers, limitations and its future prospects. The report supplies the international economic competition with the assistance of Porter’s Five Forces Analysis and SWOT Analysis.

Following are the List of Chapter Covers in the Rapid Application Development (RAD) Software Market:
1. Rapid Application Development (RAD) Software Market Overview
2. Global Economic Impact on Industry
3. Global Market Competition by Manufacturers
4. Global Market Analysis by Application
5. Marketing Strategy Analysis, Distributors/Traders
6. Market Effect Factors Analysis
7. Global Rapid Application Development (RAD) Software Market Forecast

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WordPress is one of the most powerful content management systems these days powering 35% of all the websites globally. This CMS platform is famous owing to its ease of use and flexibility. Even a nontechnical guy can make a website using the WordPress platform. With the help of Plugins, anyone can enhance the functionalities of their websites.

WordPress offers a plethora of plugins for almost all types of functionalities. There are thousands of plugins in WordPress but only a few are successful. Why do most of the WordPress plugins fail to succeed? One of the best reasons is developers don’t follow the best practices of plugin development while creating their plugin.

In this blog, I am going to share with you some of the best plugins development best practices that each developer and business owner should know when they perform WordPress customization. So, here we go:

1. Have the right strategy for custom plugin development

You have to know the perfect strategy for your custom plugin development. In addition to this, the way you organize your source code majorly depends on the complexity of your WordPress plugin. If your plugin has low interaction with the Core files of WordPress, there is less work required unless you foresee this expanding significantly later on.

In addition to this, large WordPress plugins with lots of groupable code benefit greatly from the separate style sheets, script files and use of classes in keeping the source code well organized and will make the long term plugin maintenance of the WordPress plugin easier.

2. Namespace Your WordPress Plugin

You are required to the namespace (prefix) all the functions, files, classes and variables with the name of your plugin. Otherwise, it’ll cause serious conflicts with other themes and plugins. Here, I am not talking about the namespaces feature of PHP (you can still use this function too, but it is not so common), but here we mean prefixing all your variables and functions like $my_plugin_my_variable or my_plugin_some_function(). In case you have a longer name of your plugin, you can use the shorter version, for instance, “the_plugin would become tp”.

3. Use Clear and Consistent Coding Standards

You have to follow consistent as well as a consistent standard of coding. For example, what you prefer:

 function parsefile($imagedata,$file){

if(!in_array($imagedata[‘mime’], array(‘image/jpeg’,’image/png’,’image/gif’))){

  $result[‘error’]=’Your image must be a jpeg, png or gif!’;


  $result[‘error’]=’Your image was ‘.$file[‘size’].’ bytes! It must not exceed ‘.MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE.’ bytes.’;


  return $result;




processes the uploaded image, checking against file type and file size


function parse_file($image_data, $file){

  if(!in_array($image_data[‘mime’], unserialize(TYPE_WHITELIST))){

    $result[‘error’] = ‘Your image must be a jpeg, png or gif!’;

  }elseif(($file[‘size’] > MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE)){

    $result[‘error’] = ‘Your image was ‘ . $file[‘size’] . ‘ bytes! It must not exceed ‘ . MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE . ‘ bytes.’;


  return $result;


There are various simple things like indenting, consistent spacing, succinct comments, and informative variable naming are a good place to start. That is the main difference in the examples above. In addition to this, WordPress has an impressive guide to coding standards. If your source code will be easier to edit, understand, and debug.

4. White Screen of Death, Must!

You have to render WSoD when any user directly accesses your .php files using your URL. Do you want to know why? The reason is simple if your file comprises some operations related to I/O eventually it will be triggered and may cause unexpected behavior on the later stage.

By following the below-mentioned snippet, you can prevent them easily from accessing your crucial files directly and make sure that your plugin folders and files will be executed within the WordPress environment only.

if( !defined (‘ABSPATH’)) { exit; }

5. User Roles or Capabilities

WordPress offers its users a plethora of roles by which they could get a stronghold on their data and data files. Each role is clearly distinguished from another role with particular skills which are known as ‘Capabilities’.

The roles define the responsibilities of users and capabilities. When you update or delete the data, you can check for the current capability of the users as this can offer an additional security layer to the WordPress plugin, verifying that you can execute any specific task.

Current_user_can () is a pretty handy function in this regard. This function lets you restrict access to your source code for all the users lacking the needed capabilities. You can consider an example where you have to show the link which is created by your plugin to only the website administrator and no one else. In addition to this, you can easily make sure that no one other than administrators can view your custom link by using the below mentioned snippet:

     My custom plugin link in WP admin

By default, the ‘manage_links’ capability is only offered to the website administrator, therefore this piece of source code will effectively hide this link from all the users at the backend with non-admin access.

6. Extensible Plugin Development Approach

Have you ever come across any WordPress plugin that you want to personalize but can find no other means to do so except you hack the source code? Do you find you can not see any action or filter hooks which are provided by the custom WordPress developer to extend the capabilities of your plugin?

In order to make sure that your WordPress plugin is up to the standard, you should provide action or filter hooks in order to allow other people to extend the capabilities of plugins as per their needs.

7. Use Nonces for Form & Verification of URL

It is crucial to understand that when a URL or form is posted back to WordPress, that it’s your site that generated it and not any malicious or third party agent. If you want to take care of this aspect of WordPress website security, most of the web app developers use nonces. A nonce means a number used once.

Here we have taken an example and generated a nonce field using wp_nonce_field which is included in our form as a hidden field:

wp_nonce_field(‘my_nonce’, ‘my_nonce_submit’);

As it is now a hidden field in the form, it will come back when the form is actually submitted. Then, we can check that the nonce is valid by using wp_verify_nonce:

wp_verify_nonce($_POST[‘my_nonce_submit’], ‘my_nonce’) )

It will return true in case the nonce verifies.

For a URL (links in emails, browser URLs), you can also create a nonced URL with wp_nonce_url:

$nonced_url = wp_nonce_url(‘’, ‘register_nonce’);

Where you can send in a confirmation email of the registration. In addition to this, you can check the incoming URL for a nonce with the same ID using the function of check_admin_referer and then proceed with this verification if it is true.

8. Input Sanitization in WordPress

The Sanitizing data is crucial if you deal with user input otherwise you expose your WordPress site to Cross-Site Scripting also known as XSS, and various other harmful effects. Although WordPress takes care of these tasks by offering an apprentice function for the users, the sanitize *() class of the helper functions. In addition to this, it is super kind to us and makes sure that user input is effectively sanitized before passing this on to the database which is a commonly used function that is provided by this class is sanitize_text_field. In most of the instances using WP_KSES and related functions may be a good idea because you can clean HTML easily whereas keeping anything relevant to your present requirement.

9. You Should Access Web Services Intelligently

The internet is full of different kinds of web services that provide us everything starting from stock quotes to the latest tweets from Twitter to weather forecasts. One of the most efficient ways for a WordPress plugin to access any remote data is to use HTTP API that will handle your custom request in background, using the efficiency of the 5 possible remote methods that expose the PHP. It is like a one-stop destination for access to web service.

It uses the wp_remote_get method (which is a wrapper function of the HTTP class) in order to get a page body:

$page_data = wp_remote_get(‘’);

if($page_data[‘response’][‘code’] == 200){

  $body = $page_data[‘body’]; 


Same with wp_remote_post to login:

$args = array(

  ‘login’ => ‘login_name’,

  ‘password’ => ‘my_password’


$response = wp_remote_post(‘’, $args);

Why Should You Customize Your WordPress Plugin?

Extends the functionality of the Website

Many owners of the website will probably want to customize the look & feel of the site to look for any changes in the functionality of their WordPress website. That is why it is done under the conditions of the application in order to complete the WordPress plugins to its right, help the application. These amazing plugins help to add desired functionality and features to the website. Support for custom user plugins needs to be more precise, meaning that the owner of the website wants to. Custom WordPress plug-in development makes sense for a service to essentially choose a website. Therefore, if you choose WordPress development services, you should customize your plugin as per your needs.

Creates Backlinks

There are sites that build against backlinks on links that are considered a barrier to search engine result pages. The number indicates popular quality backlinks to the site for search engines. Backlinks for tomorrow are tied in place of WordPress plug-ins to their largest and most excellent place to generate and operate out of their own accord, being blamed, which wins profits on the other side of manufacturer status.

Increased Security

Website security is one of the most crucial factors to keep hackers and cyber thieves from accessing sensitive information on the website. Get the best of custom through the option to increase power security, especially the development of the company’s position in order to make the best WordPress plugin which is the plugin developed by most produces, and satisfaction can be out of security threats and protects.

Speeds the Website

Do you know increasing the loading speed website can prevent the loss of approximately 7% of possible conversions? For businesses, having a good website is a very crucial factor for success. A slow-loading website can irritate its visitors. There are many plugins that can speed up the WordPress site.

Let’s Wrap Up:

So, here you saw various best practices of custom WordPress plugin development. If you are a business owner and want to have your own WP plugin, then make sure you hire a good WordPress development company that follows these best practices in their WordPress plugin development project. A good plugin not only adds many functionalities and functions to your site but also enhances its search engine visibility to a greater extent.

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Just as scheduled, earlier this month the feature freeze went into effect for Qt 5.15 as the last major step for Qt5 before seeing Qt 6.0 hopefully arrive towards the end of the year.

The Qt 5.15 Alpha release is expected to come in the days ahead but was delayed due to the late merging of new HorizontalHeaderView and VerticalHeaderView controls for tables in Qt Quick, which landed today. Still to happen on the Qt 5.15 branch before the beta is also more deprecations of functionality working to be removed or changed with Qt6.

Among the changes to find with Qt 5.15 include better profiling support within Qt 3D, the OpenGL renderer now being isolated to a plug-in, support for the nullish coalescing operator in QML, QDoc can now generate DocBook format, and various other changes.

Qt 5.15 isn’t expected to be a particularly big feature release with The Qt Company and other contributors being rather preoccupied on plotting Qt 6.

The Qt 5.15 beta releases will ideally begin at the end of February while the initial stable release of Qt 5.15 is expected around mid-May. If all goes well, we could potentially see Qt 6.0 releasing around November barring any significant delays to allow more time for this evolutionary upgrade over Qt5. Qt 6.0 is working on significant changes to its graphics pipeline, big upgrades to QML, improved C++ APIs, better language support, and other evolutionary upgrades with focusing on minimizing breakage for a relatively smooth upgrade path for Qt5 code-bases.

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The 667mproperty will be let to the Aber and Village Medical Practices for an initial term of 25 years and will be accretive to the overall WAULT of the PHP portfolio.

This acquisition will take PHP’s portfolio to a total of 489 assets with a gross value of just over £2.4bn and a contracted rent roll of just under £128m.  

PHP manning director Harry Hyman said:

‘We are delighted to announce this transaction, one of a number of development projects the Group is pursuing at present funded with the proceeds of our successful £100m placing in September 2019.  The transaction improves the quality of our portfolio by delivering a new facility with a long unexpired lease term.  We continue to have a strong pipeline of opportunities in the UK and Ireland and are well positioned to continue to grow our portfolio.’

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Every Tool Has Its Time and Place

In this article, I describe major programming languages according to its popularity, usage, demand and ease of learning. 

There is market demand and a potential salary range for each language. These are linked to specific personal goals and prior programming experience.

What Questions Should You Ask Yourself Before Diving in?

  • What kind of projects do you want to work on? If career flexibility is a priority, then learning Python or C++ will allow you to work with different types of programming. If your passion is web development, learning JavaScript or PHP is a smart choice.
  • How much experience do you have? You won’t want to switch to an advanced programming language, such as Rust, if you don’t have previous programming experience. If you’re new to a language, you’ll want to start at a higher level and be intuitive.
  • What are your career goals? Do you want to become a freelancer, working for an existing company or work with a startup? Are you trying to be better in your current role?

If you plan to get a job in a large technology company, learn the programming languages they use, e.g., NASA, Google and Facebook use Python.

Many programming languages have similar syntax and qualities—so if you learn one of them, it will be easier for others. The more languages you know, the more flexibility you have in your career and development projects.

In the list below, we will look at the best and most popular programming languages for many of the most common uses, including web development, mobile development, game development and more.

Top Five Programming Languages to Start Your Career


It is probably the best programming language if you are looking for a common language that will be useful in various situations. As for choosing a programming language to learn, there are many resources for people who are thinking about learning Java. Java was released in 1995, which makes it one of the oldest programming languages. It is used on a wide range of platforms and operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux and Solaris. 

That means there will always be jobs for Java developers, making it (perhaps) the best programming language to learn.

Research shows that Java developers can expect to earn between $80,000 and $130,000 per year. If you are thinking about learning your first programming language, think about taking an online course, for example, CodeGym. This course, which contains 40 levels of game-play classes, will teach you all the basics you need to know to start programming in Java. It’s easy to follow—even if you don’t have programming experience—and it is worth checking out.

It is also best used for back-end web development, mobile development and desktop applications.


This programming language works on several platforms. Therefore, it is ideal for websites that will be accessed through various devices and browsers. It is suitable for anyone who designs websites with effects, interactive features, animations and pop-ups—standard features on virtually any brand website these days. If you want to work in a creative environment and add more experience to the user, this is a coding language to learn.

JavaScript is the number one language on the web. The growth of frameworks such as jQuery, Angular and React JS has made JavaScript even more popular.

If you just can’t stay away from the internet, it’s better to learn JavaScript sooner than later. I consider this JavaScript Masterclass an excellent place to start. For cheaper alternatives see this list of free JavaScript courses.

It is also best used for front-end and back-end web development

Learning PHP

PHP—another old language, first appeared on the stage of programming around the same time as Java in 1995. It is a general-purpose language widely used for web development from the early days of the web.

Unlike other languages, which can be quite tricky to use with HTML, PHP can be built directly into the HTML code block. Start and finish instructions are used to enter and exit PHP, making it very easy to use. Although PHP is not as popular as Python or Java, it can be a suitable language to learn because of its simplicity. It is convenient for beginners and you can write your first scripts just a few hours after you start your PHP course.

Again, the popularity and wide use of PHP means that work opportunities are relatively easy to find. An average PHP developer can expect to earn around $80,000 per year. However, there is potential to make much more as a freelancer.

Take an advanced PHP course, which will teach you everything you need to know to find your first job as a programmer. It doesn’t matter if you’re studying your first language, or if you’re an experienced developer looking for the best programming language to add to your resume—PHP is a great choice!

It is best used for back-end web development.

Python is a useful step toward more advanced forms of programming languages. Python provides a high degree of website readability and is used by companies such as Reddit, Google and even NASA.

It is seen as entry-level programming that does not require too much prior knowledge. It may be ideal for relatively new professionals to help small businesses that want to expand their presence on the internet without having to resort to advanced professionals. Python is a relatively simple programming language that is very easy to pick up if you already have programming experience. That makes it one of the best to learn if you are already working as a developer and want to increase your resume quickly.

The code on Python is designed to be readable. It uses a lot of white spaces, which makes it a pretty easy language to learn while you’re studying it.

One of the most useful Python’s features is its compatibility with data analysis systems and scientific applications. It is a popular language in scientific communities and is often used by researchers to write their programs.

An average Python developer can expect to earn about $100,000 per year. However, there is little room for wage growth.

If you think Python is the best programming language to further your career, consider enrolling in a BitDegree course. The Python Basics Course includes everything you need to know to start writing programs on Python and contains less than four hours of lecture material.

It is best used for back-end web development, desktop applications, and data analysis.


C# is another object-oriented, general-purpose language based on C. It is considered a suitable programming language for building applications native to Microsoft platforms. Microsoft initially developed it as part of its .NET framework for building Windows applications. C# uses a syntax similar to other languages such as C++. Therefore, it is easy to pick it up if you come from a different C family language. 

C# is not only a suitable language for developing Microsoft applications, but also a language used by mobile device developers to build cross-platform applications on the Xamarin platform. Besides, anyone interested in VR development should think about learning C# as it is the recommended language for building 3D and 2D video games using the popular Unity game engine, which produces one-third of the best games on the market.

If mobile application development or virtual reality is your business, consider learning C#. Many mobile device developers use C# to create cross-platform applications on the Xamarin platform. Although it is not the most convenient programming language for beginners. 

If you are interested in any of the above areas, please see the section “Learning the code when making games – Udemy’s Complete Unity Developer in C#.” I see that more than 200,000 students have enrolled in this course, which indicates its popularity.

It is best used for mobile and game development.

What Are the Best Programming Languages to Learn?

As was mentioned at the beginning, there is no best programming language to learn. The best language for you will depend on your experience, your current knowledge and reasons to learn a new language. 

While there are many options, you should be able to narrow down your language choice by what you want to learn from it. 

Remember to consider the following:

  • Programming experience, because some languages, such as Python and Java, are more suitable for beginners who have never programmed before.
  • What you want to do with the language. Different languages are used for different things.
  • How much time do you have? Some languages are much more demanding than others.

Make your choice based on your interests and the type of software development you want to get into. Here is a brief summary:

  • External web development: JavaScript.
  • Internal web development: JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP.
  • Mobile development: Java, C#.
  • Game development: C#.
  • Desktop applications: Java and Python.

To Sum Up

Programming and developer communities are evolving faster than ever.

Various new programming languages are emerging that are suitable for different categories of developers (beginners and experts) as well as for other applications (web applications, mobile applications, game development, distributed systems, etc.).

This list simply scratches the surface of existing programming languages. Still, the simple fact is that with the right coding skills, you will be perfectly prepared to offer valuable technical support and become an asset to any organization.

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The PHP Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Software market has been changing all over the world and we have been seeing a great growth In the PHP Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Software market and this growth is expected to be huge by 2026. The growth of the market is driven by key factors such as manufacturing activity, risks of the market, acquisitions, new trends, assessment of the new technologies and their implementation. This report covers all of the aspects required to gain a complete understanding of the pre-market conditions, current conditions as well as a well-measured forecast.

The report has been segmented as per the examined essential aspects such as sales, revenue, market size, and other aspects involved to post good growth numbers in the market.

Top Companies are covering This Report:-, AWS Cloud9, Eclipse, Zend Studio, NetBeans, CodeLite, Selenium, ActiveState, Aptana Studio, Codeanywhere, Codelobster, UEStudio, Z-Ray.


In this report, we are providing our readers with the most updated data on the PHP Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Software market and as the international markets have been changing very rapidly over the past few years the markets have gotten tougher to get a grasp of and hence our analysts have prepared a detailed report while taking in consideration the history of the market and a very detailed forecast along with the market issues and their solution.

The given report has focused on the key aspects of the markets to ensure maximum benefit and growth potential for our readers and our extensive analysis of the market will help them achieve this much more efficiently. The report has been prepared by using primary as well as secondary analysis in accordance with porter’s five force analysis which has been a game-changer for many in the PHP Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Software market. The research sources and tools that we use are highly reliable and trustworthy. The report offers effective guidelines and recommendations for players to secure a position of strength in the PHP Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Software market.  The newly arrived players in the market can up their growth potential by a great amount and also the current dominators of the market can keep up their dominance for a longer time by the use of our report.

PHP Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Software Market Type Coverage: – 

Cloud Based
Web Based

PHP Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Software Market Application Coverage: – 

Large Enterprises

Market Segment by Regions, regional analysis covers

North America (United States, Canada, Mexico)

Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Southeast Asia)

South America (Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, etc.)

Europe, Middle East and Africa (Germany, France, UK, Russia and Italy, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa)

Competition analysis

As the markets have been advancing the competition has increased by manifold and this has completely changed the way the competition is perceived and dealt with and in our report, we have discussed the complete analysis of the competition and how the big players in the PHP Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Software market have been adapting to new techniques and what are the problems that they are facing.

Our report which includes the detailed description of mergers and acquisitions will help you to get a complete idea of the market competition and also give you extensive knowledge on how to excel ahead and grow in the market.

Why us:

  • We provide top drawer/ crucial reports with a very detailed insight report on PHP Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Software market.
  • Our reports are articulated by some of the very top experts in the markets and are user-friendly to derive maximum productivity.
  • In-depth and detailed assessment yet in a very concise and very little time-consuming terminology makes it very easy to understand and hence increasing the efficiency.
  • Comprehensive graphs, Activity roadmaps and much more analytical tools such as detailed yet simple and easy to understand charts make this report all the more important to the market players.
  • The demand and supply chain analysis that is detailed in the report is best in the business.
  • Our report educates you on the current as well as the future challenges of PHP Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Software market and helps in crafting unique solutions to maximize your growth potential.

Reasons to buy:

  • In-depth coverage of the PHP Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Software market and its various important aspects.
  • Guide to explore the global PHP Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Software market in a very effortless way.
  • Extensive coverage of the firms involved in the production, manufacture, and sales in the PHP Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Software market.
  • Helps the reader/client to create an effective business model /canvas.
  • It helps the reader/client to plan their strategies and execute them to gain maximum benefit.
  • Roadmap to becoming one of the top players in the PHP Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Software market and guideline to stay at the top.

About Us:

Reports Intellect is your one-stop solution for everything related to market research and market intelligence. We understand the importance of market intelligence and its need in today’s competitive world.

Our professional team works hard to fetch the most authentic research reports backed with impeccable data figures which guarantee outstanding results every time for you.
So whether it is the latest report from the researchers or a custom requirement, our team is here to help you in the best possible way.

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The Essential PHP Coding Bundle unlocks all the secrets of this cornerstone web discipline, all for just $29.99.

PHP sprang up in the mid-90s, satisfying the needs of programmers looking for more dynamic web performance and server-side power. PHP was in the right place at the right time; and now, you’d be hard-pressed to find a popular website or app that doesn’t have PHP scripting throughout its DNA.

With that kind of history and pervasiveness, it’s a coding discipline any worthy programmer should have at their disposal. If you need it, that training is available now in The Essential PHP Coding Bundle ($29.99, over 90 percent off).

This four-course, deep dive into the heart of PHP and its all-around utility can be a significant resume line that gets you hired as a full service, jack-of-all-trades programmer.

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  • WhatsApp finally released the Dark Mode feature in its latest Android Beta version earlier this week
  • We bring to you some of the latest updates that were rolled out or are under development to be released soon

WhatsApp constantly keeps updating its software to include new features in order to provide smooth messaging and call experience to its users. The instant messaging service took out a plethora of features recently. The most important and much-anticipated feature of them all was the Beta version release of the Dark Mode on WhatsApp.

We bring to you some of the latest updates that were rolled out or are under development earlier this week for both Android and iOS users.

Dark Mode feature: After almost a year of wait, WhatsApp recently rolled out the Dark Mode feature for both Android and iOS users. Although the feature is currently spotted only in the Beta version of Android and iOS software, chances are it may roll out for all users as a stable version really soon. The feature was spotted by WABetaInfo, a blog that tracks WhatsApp developments.

For Android smartphone users, if you want to use the feature, all you need to do is download the latest Android Beta version of the app from its APK version if you can’t wait any longer for a stable one. You can download the APK version by clicking on this link.

The blog also shared screenshots of how to enable the Dark Mode on Android phones. To enable the feature, you need to first update to the latest Android Beta version of the app and then go to Settings > Chats > Display > Theme > Dark Theme. And viola! WhatsApp will enable the dark theme.

Apart from the Dark Theme, the theme section also have the Light Theme and a Set By Battery Save Theme as spotted by the blog. There is also the System Default option, that is available for smartphones using the latest Android 10 OS and have enabled Dark mode for their phone, system-wise.

For iPhone users, the hints that were spotted by the blog include a dark splash screen in the iOS Beta update and it is already enabled by default.

The hints include, a tweaked forward button symbol, an updated group and profile icons, supporting dark colors. Moreover, the app’s top bar icons have also got updates. These tweaks essentially mean that WhatsApp Dark Mode for iPhones are really getting closer to its official release on the App Store.

Animated stickers: Another interesting feature that may roll out soon is the animated stickers support. The blog spotted WhatsApp testing a support for animated stickers pack in its latest WhatsApp Beta update for Android. Such stickers are already available on other chat apps such as Telegram and others.

This animated sticker pack is expected to be added to the stickers tab, whihc already exists on the app. Users will reportedly be able to forward these animated stickers to other contacts just like they forward stagnant stickers and GIFs.

Self-destructing message feature: Although currently available on Android Beta version, this update will automatically delete a message after a particular period of time as set by the user.

Once available, the ‘Delete Message’ feature will come with a toggle on/off button and users can choose a particular time interval for the messages to automatically disappear. There are five options for time intervals to choose from – 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 1 year. Accordingly, the messages sent to that chat will disappear. For instance, if the user opts for 1 hour time interval, the messages sent post-selection will be deleted after an hour. The feature is not a new feature in the app market. Other social apps such as Snapchat, Telegram already rolled out this feature quite a while back. In fact, WhatsApp is late in following suit.

This article is shared by | A leading resource of inspired clone scripts. It offers hundreds of popular scripts that are used by thousands of small and medium enterprises.