BookMyShow released its latest campaign – Unlocking Life.

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BookMyShow released its latest campaign film, with the theme “Unlocking Life”. The film is a reinvention of the good old days of memorable entertainment experiences with friends and family in a new avatar, as people revisit their favorite forms of out-of-home entertainment experiences in the new normal.

The movie highlights BookMyShow’s latest safety feature, “My Safety First,” which enables a completely safe entertainment experience for users. The “Unlocking Life” campaign comes as entertainment in the country begins its renewal cycle after a six-month hiatus, providing millions of Indians with much-needed respite from the no-show phase.

Conceptualized and executed by the in-house BookMyShow team, the film aims to target entertainment enthusiasts of all ages, despite geo-restrictions and social settings across various social media platforms, putting the focus on the new entertainment experience outside the home. The “Unlocking Life” campaign emphasizes the importance of health and safety measures more than ever, placing “Safety First” at the heart of safe entertainment experiences.

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