Best online pet stores for ordering food, meds, and more supplies.


Our pets really are our best friends, especially since we spent the last year indoors with them.
Whether it’s a dog, cat, rabbit, fish, or any of the other furry (or scaly) friends we invite into our homes, pets are family members and deserve the best care. This year, many of us have welcomed a new pandemic pet to keep us in company, in an otherwise isolated time.

However, you don’t even have to leave your shelter to look for supplies, as everything you need for pets can be ordered from the comfort of your home.

Perfect for busy pet parents. Here are the best pet supply stores you can order right now. They deliver groceries, treats, medicines and other essentials right to your doorstep.

Chewy is your one-stop-shop for every pet, whether it’s a dog, cat, reptile, bird, or even a farm animal.

Not only do they carry adorable items like furniture and toys for cats and dogs, but they also sell essentials like medication and food that you never want to go without. Best of all, they have an autoship service that automatically delivers your order to your doorstep so you never forget that Fido meal again.

Make sure your pets are always feeling good and receiving the best care. The online pet pharmacy is a great option to find essential medications for your pet, such as Flea and tick medications, heartworm medications, pet medications and over-the-counter medications. Currently, the site is offering a 25% discount with code “CARE25” at checkout, plus free shipping on orders over $48.

Not a pet, these pet products are innovative, stylish, and your pet will love them.

Fable Pets is changing the Pet Space game and you want to participate. The pet care company wants to make feeding, training and exercising your pet an easy and fun experience with their line of products.

Show your Alpha Dog (or Alpha Cat) how much you care about the new Alpha Paw toys and treats. The online pet store sells essential products for your dog and cat at great prices and has it easily delivered to your home. Check out the bestsellers for all breeds, including the exclusive PawRamp website, so your pets can get on and off easily without getting injured. As an added benefit for the owner, be sure to visit the product store with customizable items such as collars and rings with your pet’s name and other products for dogs and cats.

For the wilderness of your home, make sure they have the essentials to get started in style. Wild Ones specialize in leashes, straps and other essentials for walking or running for your dog. Complete with colorful harness, leash, and poop holder, now available for $98. For an a la carte option, check out the range of everyday items including necklaces, shampoos, treats, toys, and more.

Red rover, red rover, send Fido down at once. Transport your pets in style and comfort with Roverlund roof racks. In addition to carrying bags for your pet, they also sell matching bags for their humans so you can travel with the loot. Remember to also put a strap on the stroller so you can walk around there.

When in doubt, give your pup a full box of items. After all, you deserve it. BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for dogs that is filled to the brim with staples like squeaks, string, treats, and snacks. All of these products are puppy approved and made in the USA. Boxes start at $23 per box but are worth more than $40. Each month’s box also follows a theme so you and your fluffy friend will have fun opening the mailbox to see what gifts you’ve received.

PrettyLitter works as both an odor control litter box and a doctor on the go as the litter box changes color depending on your cat’s health. After work, the litter box will clump together as usual, but it will also change color to indicate if your cat is healthy or has issues like high pH, bladder problems, problems, kidneys, urinary tract infections and other illnesses. Plus, PrettyLitter can be delivered by subscription without the hassle of or having to bring heavy bags from the pet store.

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