Benefits of Xamarin A Mobile App Development

Credits : Indianceo

Credits : Indianceo


Despite being loaded with some great features Xamarin keeps a low profile when it comes to mobile app development. The framework has got a global acceptance by the  development community. It has over 1.4 million and growing base of developers who hail from 120 countries. Let’s take into account what makes Xamarin a great cross platform app development framework.

Native User Interfaces

Built with a native user control, Xamarin apps exhibit better accessibility and performance. Across all targeted platforms, be it iOS, Android or Windows Phone, users can dig deeper and deeper into the app features and functionalities and perform the act they want. So Xamarin makes your app engaging and intuitive and increases the conversion prospect.

Native API Access

Accessing an array of native API levels on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, Xamarin allows users to make the most of the capabilities of the device — such as sensors, touch inputs, — as well as that of the operating system’s. Furthermore, Xamarin makes it easier to harness the capabilities of Beacons and Android Fragments, the third-party products or services.

Native Performance

Gaming or media-intensive apps can be built with Xamarin. The built app can leverage the hardware acceleration capabilities (GPUs, or Graphic Processing Units) built with the device to let the gaming app perform at its best

More Types, Less Typing

Xamarin speeds up development, testing and delivery. Thanks to its innate C# Type Inference. So, skipping the manual coding, particularly those associated with cumbersome strings, developers can build their mobile app. It’s no surprise that less code will also cut the probability of programming errors.

Stronger Types, Smarter Tools

The System.Collections.Generic namespace comprises of interfaces and classes that define generic collections. This empowers users to create strongly typed collections with better type safety and performance than non-generic strongly typed collections.

Language-level Async

As we go more and more into the app-dominated economy, asynchronous programming becomes a must. It helps with building responsive apps, thereby enabling users to access the app across a range of networks with varying strength. Irrespective of the language preference – Objective-C, Swift or Java – developers can make use of callbacks and manual bookkeeping to make their app responsive.

First-Class Functions

The creation of delegates and expression tree becomes easier with C# in Xamarin owing the simplicity associated with the lambda expression. This is a breakthrough achievement as in Android and Objective-C it was either unavailable or too complex to use. This helps cross platform app developers to successfully meet the requirements of the clients building a feature-rich app.

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