Benefits of PHP scripting language

Credits: Yourstory

Credits: Yourstory


Here we have enlisted various benefits of PHP language over others.

1. Easy to learn: PHP is one of the easiest scripting languages. Developers can pick and grasp this language very easily.

2. Online support: PHP is one of the popular languages and hence finding help and support online is quite easy. There are PDFs, forums, social media, and blogs. And the best part is most of the support is for free of cost.

3. Liberty stays: PHP gives you more liberty as compared to other languages. It can be run on various operating systems so this is quite easily operable.

4. Integrate: The language can actually be integrated in many web applications.

5. Framework: The number of frameworks that are available at large is proving that the PHP development community is strong than others.

6. Fixing problems: It is very easy to solve problems in PHP as they are available with other languages.

7. Object oriented: PHP can call Java as well as Windows COM things. Furthermore, people can create custom classes with PHP.

8. Speed: This language works much faster than other scripting languages.