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Application Security Engineer”- This job title will fetch you approximately 47,000 job opportunities on any global job posting website.[1] This number is restricted to a limited number of cities in the U.S., and if we consider other parts of the world, the full picture would appear larger. You will also be alarmed to learn that many big companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Dropbox, Autodesk, etc. have these job profiles unfilled for a few months now. Does this raise the alarm on the urgent need for Application Security Engineers?

The need for application security is gaining prominence with the growing requirement for application security engineers. Vulnerabilities in applications place many businesses at risk.

Fortune 500 companies have turned to software and are now facing increased information security risks, causing them to hire more application security engineers.

Addressing security throughout SDLC is an effective way to ensure the production of highly secured applications. Web application and android app development organizations are seeking software developers who can practice security during the software development lifecycle. The security-focused coding, testing, and deployment will lead to robust applications which are less vulnerable to cyberattacks. The role of a software developer, from mere coding and development to secure application development, has added a crucial role that makes for an entire difference in the SDLC process.

How Can a Software Developer Become a Security Application Engineer?

Application Security Engineer = Software Developer + Security Training (C|ASE)

The first requirement to become a security engineer is to be a software developer with good coding and development background. To ensure security, a software developer must be trained in security engineering. EC-Council’s program – Certified Application Security Engineer (C|ASE) should be the first choice of any software developer seeking to upgrade to an application security engineer.

C|ASE: From Application Developers to Skilled Application Security Professionals

1. Comprehensive Training:

C|ASE is the most comprehensive training program desired by the software application engineers, analysts, testers globally that covers a vast range of techniques like defensive coding practices, cryptographic attacks, session management techniques, input validation, authentication and authorization, and many others. It applies from pre-deployment to post-deployment phase, including maintenance, covering every aspect of the Software Development Life Cycle.

2. Multifaceted:

C|ASE is multifaceted, in a sense, that it can be applied to various domains, like web development and mobile app development. The credential enables you to protect any device that is connected to the internet and need secure programming.

3. Bi-lingual:

Unlike other application security programs that are applicable only to single programming language, C|ASE supports two. Any developer either from .NET or JAVA background can learn to implement secure programming in their applications. It is the credibility of the EC-Council to encourage developers to prioritize secure scripting without compromising their programming skills.

4. Mapped to NICE Framework

C|ASE is mapped to the NICE 2.0 Framework under the category ‘Securely Provision’. The category “Securely Provision” covers the aspects of systems or network development and conceptualizes, designs, procures or builds secure information technology (IT) systems. Been mapped to NICE, C|ASE widens the job opportunities of developers.

5. Exhaustive Labs

EC-Council training programs are structured in the ratio of 60:40, where the theoretical learning will be 60%, and the rest 40% covers the practical sessions. C|ASE curriculum includes an exhaustive range of labs to encourage real-life practice. Besides, C|ASE also allows practicing on iLabs to obtain experience of defending real-time attacks.

C|ASE assures that you are an expert in application security demonstrating the skills that the employers seek, globally. It is developed in partnership with extensive application and software development experts globally. It focuses on the importance of implementation of methodologies that are secured. The application developers seeking to be security engineers should immediately upgrade themselves with CASE.

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