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No one likes to look at a poorly designed website. Or a Facebook post with a boring image. Or a blog that is all text and without images. While words really matter, it’s those images that keep customers and followers coming back again and again. This is where JumpStory comes in.

JumpStory Lite gives creators access to millions of stunning images, illustrations, vector icons, and videos for use on websites, blogs, email, social media, YouTube, or anything other digital use.

The best thing about JumpStory is its use of artificial intelligence. By simply pasting the text you need a companion image for in the TextMatch area, the platform will automatically scan it for keywords and present you with relevant photos. You can even predict the possible marketing performance of certain photos.

If you need to edit your images or artwork to suit your brand before publishing, the built-in editor can help. You can crop, insert text, adjust contrast, insert your logo, or even remove photo background with just one click. JumpStory is really designed to make a creator’s life on the web easier.

Are you worried about running out of images? JumpStory adds more than 20,000 images to its catalog every day. And this is only the Lite version. If for some reason this is not enough, there is also a full version available which gives you access to more benefits.

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A national study of palliative care social workers indicated that the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in isolation issues, communication barriers and grief-related issues for patients and their caregivers. As hospice providers exploit the text of COVID-19, these issues highlight the increasing need to activate leisure care in the home, with social workers playing a key role in building construction.
The World Health Organization has reported that one in five people have so far been seriously ill with COVID-19, with recent data showing more than 1.5 million confirmed deaths worldwide. According to the United States Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 280,000 people have died in the United States alone since January. The deadly pandemic has engulfed the entire healthcare system, with severe consequences for end-of-life care.

“Hospice patients are an extremely vulnerable population, and one of the things we know about COVID is that home emissions are rampant” said Megan Kale-Cheever, study co-author, head of Quality and Safety at Hospice and Hospice at Mount Carmel Health System in Columbus, Ohio. “Palliative care teams work with families to put in place back-up care plans or home isolation plans in case someone gets sick. Everything is more complicated”.
The study, conducted between May 15 and June 15, 2020, examined the trajectory of the pandemic during what researchers have called a transition period for hospice providers. The study authors interviewed more than 200 hospice social workers who are members of the National Association of Social Workers’ server list, as well as social networking sites associated with the social work community at the Society for Social Worker Leadership, Social workers in nursing and health establishments and the network of palliative care and social work hospices.

The results suggest that increased access to respite care would benefit patients and their families affected by the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has complicated the ability of hospices to provide respite care. Limited access to nursing homes, fear of spreading the virus, and growing demand are hampering provider respite programs.
Medicare typically allows inpatient respite care for up to five days when your caregivers become ill or need rest or other priorities. Providers often provide this care in a hospice, hospital or retirement home. There are four levels of polycarbonate care covered by Medicare as well as routine home care, home care and general hospital care.

“The expansion of respite benefits will be important,” said co-author Erika Gergerich, a registered clinical social worker and associate professor at New Mexico State University. “At a time when hospitals and nursing homes are overwhelmed by COVID-19, being able to bring loved ones home to die in peace with family is a blessing.
Congress is currently considering legislation that, during any national emergency declared by the federal government, would increase the maximum length of stay for a hospice respite to 15 days, from five days. If passed, the bill would also allow hospices to provide respite care in the patient’s home. However, at the moment, many hospices are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to respite care, in part because of the huge needs fueled by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Respondents also cited isolation as a major problem for patients, their families and caregivers, both in facilities and in community settings, with some reporting a delay of 10 to 12 weeks for patients seeing loved ones.

Isolation is a growing barrier as the virus continues to spread, and many hospice providers face the challenge of keeping patients and their families connected, often at a distance through telehealth and other forms of virtual communication. According to Kale-Cheever, for families of patients residing in group care facilities with visitation restrictions, palliative care provides a crucial bridge between the ill person, the facility and the family. The palliative care team provides updates, facilitates video conferencing, and advocates for the patient on behalf of the family.

The results of the study suggest that there is a need to focus on virtual communication, emergency planning by social workers and evidence-based interventions for complex and persistent bereavement disorders to help patients, families and staff. Palliative care social workers will need to play a key role in complementing support for patients and their families struggling with isolation, limited communication and pain, according to the study researchers.

“Social workers in hospices have a lot of practical knowledge about bereavement and complicated bereavement that requires wider application,” said Gergerich.

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Large tech companies should negotiate with local publishers and broadcasters about how much they pay for content that appears on their platforms.

Australia on Tuesday finalized plans to charge its media outlets Facebook and Google for news content, a move to protect independent journalism from Internet giants.

Under the law that went to parliament this week, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said big tech companies must negotiate with local publishers and broadcasters how much they pay for content that appears on their platforms.

“This is a huge improvement. This is the first time the world has seen what is happening here in Australia” Friedenberg told reporters in the capital, Canberra.

The law amounts to the strongest test of the market power of the tech giants in the world and follows three years of investigation and consultation, which finally ended in a public fight in August when American companies warned that they could stop offering their services in Australia.

Facebook Australia Chief Executive Will Easton said on Tuesday that the company would review the legislation and “participate in the next parliamentary process with the aim of landing a viable framework to support Australia’s news ecosystem”.

Until recently, most countries stood idly by as advertisers redirected spending to the world’s largest social network and search engine website, robbing newsrooms of their main source of income and causing closures. Generalized and job losses.

But regulators are beginning to test their power to contain the two mega-companies that absorb more than four-fifths of Australia’s online ad spending from each other, according to Frydenberg.

“This is very ambitious and very necessary, ”said Denise Muller, an honorary researcher at the Center for Advanced Journalism at the University of Melbourne, referring to Australian law.

“Taking their news content without paying for it, in exchange for a very questionable reward of ‘reach’, seems to be a very unfair and uneven and ultimately democratically damaging arrangement”.

News Corp Australia Chief Executive Michael Miller said the act was “an important step forward in a decade-long drive to achieve equity in the relationship between Australian media companies and global media giants”. In May, News Corp stopped printing more than 100 Australian newspapers, citing a decrease in advertising.

However, Frydenberg added to the list of media companies with whom the tech giants must negotiate, saying public broadcaster the Australian Broadcasting Corp and specialist public broadcaster SBS would be included, along with dominant private sector outlets like News Corp and Nine Entertainment Co Holdings Ltd.

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Earlier this year, Shopify (NYSE: SHOP) overtook eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY) as the second largest e-commerce platform in the United States by sales volume after Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN).

It was a huge blow to eBay, the world’s leading online auction platform for person-to-person transactions. It also explains why Shopify shares have climbed over 3,700% over the past five years. During that same time period, eBay shares rose 76% and Amazon shares rose 375%.
Investors may be reluctant to buy Shopify shares at this time, as they are trading over 290 times future earnings. Meanwhile, eBay’s shares are trading for 14 times future earnings, which could make it tempting as a value game. However, it makes more sense to pay a premium for Shopify than a big discount for eBay, for three simple reasons.

1. Old e-commerce versus new e-commerce

The eBay platform was once considered revolutionary. But today you face stiff competition from outside sellers on Amazon, Etsy, and other similar markets. Social media platforms like Pinterest and Facebook on Instagram are also integrating online shopping into their sponsored posts.

Shopify’s decentralized approach allows merchants to grow online without weakening their identity, and as the business grows, it’s easier to grow. In contrast, merchants typically need to buy promoted listings to stand out in busy eBay marketplaces.

2. Fortune favors the brave

eBay has scaled back its activities over the past five years. It separated from PayPal in 2015, closed its fixed-price subsidiary in 2017, sold its online ticketing platform StubHub in February, and plans to sell its online classifieds platform by the first. quarter 2021.

eBay also cut its marketing spend last year. The goal was to increase profit and take rate, the percentage of each sale you keep as income, rather than maximizing the gross merchandise volume (GMV). Its prioritization of earnings over growth, along with its dividends and buybacks, strongly suggests that eBay is a mature tech company with limited growth prospects.
Shopify has grown significantly since going public in 2015. It acquired product development and digital consulting company Boltmade in 2016, drop-shipping platform Oberlo in 2017, and automation company from 6 River Systems warehouse last year.

The company has partnered with Amazon to allow merchants to sell products on Amazon from their Shopify stores. It added similar integrations with Facebook, Alphabet’s Google, Snap’s Snapchat, and ByteDance’s TikTok. It has also beefed up its Shopify Plus premium tier for large merchants.

Shopify has also developed its own payment platform, Shopify Payments, which processed almost half of its GMV in the last quarter. It launched its own compliance network last year. Finally, it offers additional services through its own application store for online stores. All of these aggressive moves indicate that Shopify is still expanding.

3. Shopify grows much faster

EBay’s revenue rose only 1% last year, with its GMV falling 5%. It blamed this slow growth on reduced marketing spend and higher internet sales taxes in several states in the U.S.

Its adjusted net income only rose 5%, but major buyouts increased its earnings per share by 22%. This year eBay expects revenue to grow 19-20% after ruling out its divested business and currency headwinds.

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The global B2B market report contains complete information considering various factors such as competition, regional development, segmentation, and the size and volume of the B2B market. This is a great research survey compiled specifically to provide the latest information on important issues in the B2B market. The report includes various market forecasts related to market size, production, revenue, cost, CAGR, gross margin, price and other key factors. It is designed using the best primary and secondary research methods and tools in the industry.

This report studies the size of the B2B market by players, regions, product types and end industries, historical historical data for 2014-2019 and forecast data for 2020-2026. The report also observes the competition situation in the global market, market drivers and trends, opportunities and challenges, penetration, sales channels, dealers and the risks and barriers of the five analyzes.

Each part of the report reveals important information about the global B2B market that can be used to ensure high growth in the coming years. Our unique combination of primary and secondary research strategies helps to identify the secret business opportunities available in the global B2B market, as well as gather meaningful information from market players and gain accurate market information. This includes various research studies such as production cost analysis, full dollar opportunity, price analysis, company profiling, production and cost analysis, and market dynamics.

The study objectives of this report are:
1. Study and forecast of B2B market size in the global market.
2. Analyze key global players, SWT analysis, key player prices, and global market share.
3. Determine, describe, and predict markets by type, end use, and region.
4. Analyze and compare market conditions and forecasts in major regions of the world.
5. Analyze global market prospects and key sector benefits, opportunities and challenges, barriers and risks.
6. Identify trends and key factors that are driving or hindering market growth.
7. Analyze market opportunities for stakeholders by identifying high-growth areas.
8. Perform a strategic analysis of each sub-market in terms of individual growth trends and its contribution to the market.
9. Analyze competitive developments such as market competition, contracts, new product launches and acquisitions.
10. Strategically profiles key players and analyzes their development strategies extensively.
11. Key players in this report include: Groupon, LivingSocial, TravelZu, Gilt, Dilsover, Vagaro, InstaCart, Shift, Fuda, Ezkater, EAT Club, Uber It’s, Suigi, Jomato, Grubb, GlamScad, Suth and many more.

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According to a survey of some 3,700 consumers in nine emerging and developed economies, the COVID-19 epidemic has changed online shopping behaviour forever.

After the pandemic, more than half of those polled now shop more frequently online and rely more on the internet for news, health information and digital entertainment.

Consumers in emerging economies have made the biggest shift to online shopping, according to the survey.

Alexandre Barbosa, director of the Center for Regional Studies Development, said, “During the epidemic, online consumption habits have changed dramatically in Brazil with greater amounts of food and beverages, cosmetics and medicines needed for Internet users.” – Brazilian Network Information Center ( from the Information Society ( He said the acceleration of global online shopping emphasizes the need to ensure that all countries can take advantage of digitalization opportunities as they move from recovery to response to the global epidemic.

Increases in online shopping during COVID-19 differ from country to country, with the largest increase seen in China and Turkey and the smallest in Switzerland and Germany, where more people were already engaged in electronic commerce.

In addition, according to survey responses, small traders in China were better equipped to sell their products online and those in South Africa were less prepared.

“In the post-COVID-19 world, the unprecedented growth of e-commerce will disrupt national and international retail structures,” said Carlo Tenieri, president of the Netcom Suisse e-commerce association.

According to the survey, the most used communication platforms are WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger, all belonging to Facebook.

However, Zoom and Microsoft Teams have benefited the most from the increased use of video calling apps in the workplace.

In China, the main communication platforms are WeChat, DingTalk and Tencent Conference, according to the survey.
The changes are here to stay.

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This year’s lockdown situation made us realize that in the absence of our cook and housekeepers, we ended up spending the most time in the kitchen. From breakfast to dinner and meals in between, there’s a lot going on at the kitchen counter. Without help and with twice the work, we know how important kitchen utensils are. They make life easier and simple! Here are four small kitchen appliances that save time.

Gone are the days when this pot was considered suitable only for cooking rice. Steaming, simmering, pressure cooking, boiling food or making desserts – the instant cooker is versatile like no other appliance. In fact, it’s a quick option for cooking dishes that may take longer on the stove. An added advantage: cleaning is easy.

Indoor grills are safer and do not require constant supervision. Good for roasting toast and veg and any other healthy option this should be tried if you like different varieties on your breakfast menu.

Besides brewing tea and coffee in minutes, an electric kettle can do a lot more! Use it to add hot water to your dishes instantly or as a faster option for boiling pasta or eggs. Helps you get rid of the tedious task of putting the pot on the stove whenever you need hot water.

While a giant blender-mixer-grinder is certainly a good and useful option, a hand-held blender can do just about anything. Imagine taking a thin rod out of the drawer, then putting the whole thing in it. Use it in whatever container you want to use for cooking, and no additional containers are needed. From whisking and grinding, to mixing and smoothing, you can use a hand mixer for everything without any additional accessories.

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The local online classifieds platform saw a significant increase in ads and demand for consumer durable and electronics in the third quarter of 2020.

“Supply and demand for consumer durable and electronics are exceeding pre-Covid-19 levels, supported by consumer sentiment for value, desire to upgrade and digital conversion,” OLX said in a press release. In terms of new ads on the platform, fashion item ads across all geographies saw the largest increase in the third quarter compared to the first quarter.

Likewise, in the electronics / home appliances and furniture categories, growth in the number of listings for non-metro areas outpaced growth in the metro by a factor of 2-3 for different types of products, according to the report.

“It highlights the tendency of people to level up, especially before and during the holidays. With the lock down, users also had more time to reorganize their homes by eliminating the products they no longer needed at OLX, ”he said.

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Cat and dog lovers can show their support for Peninsula SPCA by shopping from the non-profit organization’s new online store.

Customers can browse through categories of home goods, gifts, clothing, drinking utensils and pet supplies, all with a pet theme. All proceeds go to the pets of Peninsula SPCA.

The sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts and raglan shirts feature the new Peninsula SPCA design selected in a competition.

A bespoke Tervis tumbler and paw print wine glass are among the drinking utensil selections. Other items include ornaments, blankets, a 2021 calendar, and a duffel bag for shopping. Collars, leashes, a rope frisbee, stand and engraved pet tags can be found under the pet items. Items are stored in the shelter and shipped to customers.

Once the SPCA reopens to the public, a retail store will be opened on the site.

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Ashish Hemrajani, Co-Founder and CEO of BookMyShow, is known for his candid and eloquent conversations. Despite the damaging effects of COVID-19 on the entertainment industry, especially the film industry, Ashish remains strong and optimistic. The question is whether we are sailors with strong winds or light winds during the pandemic. In a conversation with YourStory Founder and CEO Shradha Sharma, Ashish spoke about how the entertainment industry will shape in a post-COVID era and why she continues to maintain the hope of cinemas.

Does OTT change the dynamics? Ashish believes that OTT (Over the Top) platforms are aimed at the English-speaking population of India: “India, which has high-speed internet and works with devices,” he said. The type of content that comes out of the OOT platforms is best suited for people with an “American way of life.” That said, OTT platforms have opened doors for content creators that didn’t exist before. “OTT democratizes talent,” added Ashish. He said that just as money has come for digital business and democratized wealth creation, OTT is doing the same for talent and content.

The new and the old coexist with the closure of cinemas due to the lockdown, the conversation around OTT platforms taking over traditional forms of entertainment has gained momentum.

“We currently live in an economy of germophobia. After closing, we will be in a claustrophobic economy”, Ashish said.

The co-founder of India’s largest online movie ticket booking platform is hopeful that if new forms of entertainment are here to stay, markets will open up to traditional forms of entertainment in the coming months. That said, he believes that cable television will suffer the most from the changes that will occur in a post-COVID world. And more, once the country was shut down nationally, BookMyShow was up and running quickly. The platform hosted more than 5,000 post-crash events, allowing users to experience them for free. “We have been making money for 20 years. We do not bill customers during the pandemic, ”Ashish revealed. Now that the economy has started to recover, 70% of BookMyShow customers pay.

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