AppWorks Acquires Software Development Startup BigDrop

Credits : Indianceo

Credits : Indianceo


IT Service and Consultant Company Appworks acquired Software development startup BigDrop for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition had made to boost the IT services of Appworks.

The financial details of the acquisition have not been disclosed. Post acquisition, Appworks will be using the capabilities of BigDrop engineers to enhance their talents in the company.

About the startup:

AppWorks is an IT servicing and consulting company, started in 2008 by Ashish Bhata. AppWorks has strong capability of building IT solutions and mobile applications. The startup offers advanced internet infrastructure software to help companies match the demand for faster web experiences. The company claims Target, eBay, Bravura and Fidelity to be their clients.

BigDrop is a Gurgaon based Startup, founded in the year 2016 by Engineering Graduates Sherjil Ozair and Naved Khan. It is a creative digital agency providing expert design and development solutions to brands. They work on software complexity providing solutions on Python, Django, Node, Angular, React, Xamarin, Android, IOS and others. They offer custom-made software development services to Startups, SME’s and corporates.

Commenting on the deal, Ashsih Bhata said, “We started with a typical IT Service organisation but we never intended to remain one. We’ve always strived to do more and to do important stuff going beyond the resources we have. Appworks is now becoming a collection of LOBs – BigDrop, OrganIQ, UpSkill, plus a host of Start-ups. Soon with the launch of the Startup Accelerator ‘India Accelerator’, things are becoming even more interesting. Bringing the talent of BigDrop in-house enables us to accelerate our growth”.

As being an IT service company, Appworks will use the all the sources and talents of BigDrop in order to elevate their services and enhance their Software solutions.

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Mr Naved Khan, Co-founder, BigDrop said, “Big Drop has always been about delivering high quality, modern, smart technology solutions to our clients. Our merger with App Works helps us get closer to this goal, leveraging their vast reach, and gaining from the experience of the excellent management team  and building solutions that impact and solve real life problems.

All the 14 employees of BigDrop will now work for AppWorks and shift their clients towards the new company. Read more about Indian Startups.

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