AnalySwift to offer composite software as part of new academic program

Credits : Windpowerengineering


AnalySwift, a provider of efficient high-fidelity modeling software for composites and other advanced materials, announced the launch of its Academic Partner Program, through which it will offer universities no-cost licenses for academic research.

“We have always been close to the academic community, where both the SwiftComp and VABS software programs originated,” said Allan Wood, President & CEO of AnalySwift. “Our Academic Partner Program honors that tradition and broadens university access to cutting-edge simulation tools.”

Academic licenses of VABS and SwiftComp have always been available to universities for purchase, but the new program offers the licenses at no cost.

“Engineering faculty and students can benefit greatly from the full versions of the programs,” said Dr. Wenbin Yu, CTO of AnalySwift. “These are tools being used in industry to model complex, real composites including wind turbine and helicopter rotor blades, deployable space structures made from high-strain composites (HSC).”

The composite simulation programs are typically used in aerospace and mechanical engineering programs, such as for wind-turbine blades, with emerging applications in other areas.

“Since 2014, VABS has become our method of choice for rotor-blade structural design and optimization at our institute,” explained PhD student Tobias Pflumm at the Technical University of Munich. “With its help, we have successfully designed, tested and manufactured the rotor blades of our Autonomous Rotorcraft for Extreme Altitudes or AREA. We are currently using VABS extensively within a multi-disciplinary design environment to quantify uncertainties in the rotor blade design process.”

Inaugural members of the Academic Partner Program include the University of British Columbia (Composites Research Network), Technical University of Munich (Institute of Helicopter Technology), and Carleton University (Rotorcraft Research Group).

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