American Express makes easy to send money and exchange purchases with family and friends of our members.

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As we prepare for a socially distant holiday season, American Express makes it easy to send money and exchange purchases with family and friends of our members.

Say hello to Amex Send and Split with PayPal and Venmo. Send & Split allows eligible consumer card members in the United States to send money to any other PayPal or Venmo customer directly within the American Express® application, giving you more flexibility in how you send money. Additionally, card members can also split their purchases with PayPal and Venmo customers and receive a refund directly to their card.
It is easy to use and configure. Here’s what you can do as a member of the American Express card, after signing up, starting today:


Now, US Consumer Card members can send money to friends and family in the US via PayPal or Venmo at no charge. When you sign up for Send & Split, an Amex Send™ account is automatically set up. You can add funds to this account at any time with your American Express card and send money to any other PayPal or Venmo customer. This means you can send money now and return the money to us later.


With Amex Split™, after making a purchase on your card for a shared expense, such as a holiday gift for your mom that you share with your siblings, you can seamlessly share it with other PayPal and Venmo customers and it will be reimbursed directly to your card as a credit on the statement. In the Amex app, choose any pending or posted purchases that you want to split. We can divide the purchase amount evenly for you, or you can adjust the individual servings so that everyone is asked to pay only their share.

You can track these requests directly in the Amex app to see who reimbursed you (and who didn’t), giving you a consolidated view of your spending and allowance. Best of all, even if you split the purchase, you get all the rewards for the purchases you divide in the same way that you get rewards for other purchases. Amex Send & Split works seamlessly, whether it’s reimbursing the family for a group gift or sharing the expenses with a friend via PayPal or Venmo. This is just another way to make it easier for you to manage your shipments, expenses and divisions, all in the Amex app.

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