A Personalized Blogging Platform.

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Blogs are becoming increasingly popular with businesses as a way of building customer trust. Not only do blogs demonstrate your expertise in a particular area, they also provide an opportunity to solve problems for customers and offer solutions that no one else can.

Marketing departments around the world agree that creating a business blog contributes to building and enhancing a company’s reputation. They emphasize the importance of postings by staff members on the blog. In order to attract more members of the company to the idea of daily blogging, it is necessary to develop a culture in which everyone likes to blog about their successes.

For Syed Fazle Rahman, CEO of Hashnode, the financing of the round table marks the end of the first phase of the company’s development, which has developed at a rapid pace. Like so many great ideas, Hashnode took shape because its founder was tired of no one getting his needs met.

Developers could blog on platforms like Medium, but that would be like giving up control of their content and moving the traffic that is generated to the platform. Or they could publish through a personal WordPress account, but there would be no guarantee that other developers would adhere to it.

Enter hashnode which does exactly that. The platform enables developers to create their own blog pages in seconds without giving up their rights to content and traffic.

Well, in theory, but in practice, the site needs a critical mass to keep this promise – after all, it doesn’t make sense to post content for reading without a lot of developers in the community.

The success of Hashnode in this regard is one of the reasons for its success in attracting many well-known investors. Since the beginning of June, the community has grown 25 percent per month. It started with a hundred users and without brand recognition; Today there are over 1.3 million active users.

Rahman told Entrepreneur India that in 2019 developers had two main options for building an online portfolio using blogs: self-hosting or posting on third-party websites like Medium. They wondered how to create a platform that is the best of both worlds; a blogging platform that makes it possible to maintain content on their own domain and at the same time have an integrated developer community to create a first audience. This led to the co-founders founding Hashnode. They started in June 2020 and have seen rapid organic growth without spending any money on marketing.

Funding will focus on scaling the team and rolling out monetization. The company believes growth and monetization are essential. If they are successful, it won’t be difficult for them to raise more money in the future.

The platform is completely free for individual developers, but Rahman sees a time when Hashnode will be so ubiquitous that companies will want to use it to distribute their content as well. The platform would then bill these business users for posting on the platform, thus providing access to a very specific, but very large, subscriber audience.

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