A new B2B Platform to Connect Denim Suppliers with Customers.

Credits: sourcingjournal.com

The pandemic and subsequent closure of face-to-face meetings and trade shows have been a major blow to all relationship-based companies like the denim industry. Companies have reoriented their communication towards internal apps and online events. Others have created their own digital showrooms.

However, Denimazing, a new Milan-based company founded by Laura Pianazza, aims to bring together all segments of the industry, from textile factories to jeans brands on a single digital platform augmented by industry experience and passion for denim.

The B2B and B2C platform will be launched in May with the aim of helping small and medium-sized businesses grow their online sales by focusing on developing marketing strategies in an omnichannel environment. Denimazing allows denim fabric manufacturers to host 3D presentations of their fabrics, create a virtual showroom and set minimum prices so that customers can request fabrics directly from the website.

Businesses can expand their service to include virtual tours of their factories and chat with customers or internal employees. Likewise, denim brands can host their ecommerce site on the denimazing platform. Denimazing will be a place for consumers to simplify their denim searches.

In addition to sales, Denimazing’s team of experts in sales, web design and marketing offers businesses support with traditional marketing and advertising as well as their online and social media strategies. While the denim industry wants to reopen the brick-and-mortar stores, Pianazza expects this pandemic-induced shift to virtual business to continue.

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