5 best front-end web development technologies in 2020 .

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Dr. Wei Kiong Tan, CEO of TechTIQ Solutions, a leading software development company in Singapore, shares his expertise in this article to help business in choosing the most suitable front-end development technologies.

Frontend frameworks & web development technologies are the most important building blocks when it comes to the software development process. It can be defined as the set of technologies used in order to develop the user interface required for web applications and web-pages. With the help of front end technologies, the developers are able to create the design, structure, animation, behavior, and everything that a user sees on the screen while he/she opens a web application, website or mobile app.

With the advancement of technology there are multiple options to choose from especially when it comes to building visually appealing websites and apps that would rank high on user experience. User experience takes the priority for many businesses when it comes to placing their business in front of a customer. As web developers and web app development companies, the brief they get is about keeping the front end of web development as user friendly as possible.  It doesn’t matter how complex functions and operations happen in the background, what users see and experience has to be seamless.

List of Contents:

  • Current state of front end web development technologies
  • Top front-end web development technologies for 2020
  • Conclusion

1) Current state of front end web development technologies

Front end web development technologies are getting popular & better with every passing year. Some of the best front end web development technologies ensure simplicity and advancement of the development process. It has to be flexible enough for further additions and consumers should get a great user experience. The development team prefers frameworks they can easily manage.  Some of the best front end web development frameworks are mostly easier to maintain and test.  Top Front end web development technologies offer support to handle fast changing demands of the market, consumer, security, versions and others. In order to achieve the best possible results, one needs to work with the best suitable web front-end framework that compliments the general technical aspects and the requirements of the project. To find out more details, let’s start with the current trends and top front-end web development technologies for 2020.

2) Top front-end web development technologies for 2020

  • ReactJS: React is the front-end framework that is created and developed by Facebook. The facebook team was interested in obtaining high performance by building an effective UI. The company released React Native (for Android & iOS) in 2015 and since then it has become the best front end framework because of its unique features. One of the biggest advantages of using React is that it saves time by using components (even isolated ones) and system updates won’t impact the system. 
  • Vue.js: It is a framework for constructing user interfaces. For creating web interfaces it doesn’t require the additional extension. There are a lot of features in Vue.js that attract developers to use it. One of the major attractions is how easy it is to learn and use.  Vue.js framework deals with two-way reactive data-binding and doesn’t demand any extra libraries. Because of the logical structure presented by Vue.js, the user interface developers have the ability to create flexible components and reuse them later, even in the other projects.
  • Angular: Angular v2 or Angular 2+ is a complete rewrite of AngularJS by the same team in Google who developed the original front-end framework. It is one of the very rare frameworks based on TypeScript. It was created to meet the demands of technology and conventional concepts that showed results. What differentiates Angular from React is its uniqueness with two-way data binding feature. Any project involving building mobile or web apps uses Angular more often than not. However, when comparing it to React, Angular is not easy to learn. Although there is innumerable documentation available, most of it is either too complex or confusing to read.
  • jQuery: jQuery is perhaps one of the earliest front end frameworks that was launched in 2006. However, it is so good that it is relevant even today. Jquery is simple to learn and use but also doesn’t require the need to write extensive JavaScript codes. jQuery is predominantly used to manipulate CSS and DOM as well as to increase the functionality and interactive side of a website. It is also very useful in creating desktop-based javascript applications. The framework keeps the code concise and pretty simple. 
  • Emberjs: It is a component based front end web development technology just like Angular. It was designed with a purpose of solving & handling modern day demands of technologies easily. A developer can use Emberjs to develop mobile apps and expect its efficient architecture to handle any concerns. It is also considered one of the fastest frameworks to be around. The framework should be considered and used as a complete frontend solution for large-scale projects because it provides a ready configuration, useful binding and custom properties to render the page as needed.

3) Conclusion

When talking about the best front-end web development technologies for 2020, we can safely reach a conclusion that the market is full of front end web development technologies currently. This provides no dearth of opportunity for developers to choose from. Decisions on choosing the suitable tech can be made on usability, features and flexibility.  Given the scenario that currently there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to frontend frameworks, one may be indecisive about the technology.  It is worth the effort to understand each of those technologies and have a practical run through experience before selecting the best one possible.

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