4 tips to raise your real estate business’s online profile

Credits : Inman

Credits : Inman


As a real estate professional, you know how important it is to get your name in front of prospective clients. With the modern digital world increasingly mobile, the opportunity to create real impact and grow your business is yours for the taking.

Increasing your online visibility can seem daunting, but there are some relatively easy ways to accomplish this.

With that we outline four tips to increase your business’ online visibility when consumers search for a real estate agent in your area.

Make sure your information is consistent

Consistency is critical when it comes to your business information on the web. Conflicting online information can foster miscommunication and mistrust among consumers. Potential clients may feel frustrated if three non-working phone numbers pop up for you.

Consider taking these steps to keep your information consistent and better manage your local online presence:

  • Take over your Google My Business, Yelp and Yellow Pages accounts. Add pictures of yourself, your brick-and-mortar location’s address and any other information that will help you stand out.
  • Conduct an online search of your business and ensure your name, address, phone number and email address are consistent across all sites that mention you. This will build trust and allow clients to always reach you.
  • Manage your online reviews. Prospective clients will likely research your name or business before choosing you. Check to see that all of your online reviews are positive, and, if not, respond to any negative reviews that may exist. If you don’t have any reviews, it’s a great idea to ask your satisfied clients for a review on popular platforms such as Facebook and Google.

Have a location-specific webpage for each city you serve

In many cases, real estate professionals conduct business in more than one area. That’s why it’s important to establish a unique webpage in each of the cities you serve.

For example, an agent focusing on real estate in Ann Arbor, Michigan, may operate these pages:

  • Ann Arbor Homes for Sale
  • Living in Ann Arbor
  • Ann Arbor Real Estate Testimonials
  • Make your site mobile-friendly and simpleA mobile-friendly site automatically adjusts to fit a user’s screen and ensures a good user experience. If you’re having a difficult time reading and navigating your site, so are your clients.
    Consumers won’t wait for your page to load; they’ll just move on.

    Your site should load in two seconds or less, ideally under 1.5 seconds. Use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool to discover how long your page and resources take to load.

    Build trust with backlinks

    While this tip may be the most challenging, it could also be the most beneficial. Getting links to your website from the press and local businesses can lead to huge ranking benefits.

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