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According to a survey of some 3,700 consumers in nine emerging and developed economies, the COVID-19 epidemic has changed online shopping behaviour forever.

After the pandemic, more than half of those polled now shop more frequently online and rely more on the internet for news, health information and digital entertainment.

Consumers in emerging economies have made the biggest shift to online shopping, according to the survey.

Alexandre Barbosa, director of the Center for Regional Studies Development, said, “During the epidemic, online consumption habits have changed dramatically in Brazil with greater amounts of food and beverages, cosmetics and medicines needed for Internet users.” – Brazilian Network Information Center ( from the Information Society ( He said the acceleration of global online shopping emphasizes the need to ensure that all countries can take advantage of digitalization opportunities as they move from recovery to response to the global epidemic.

Increases in online shopping during COVID-19 differ from country to country, with the largest increase seen in China and Turkey and the smallest in Switzerland and Germany, where more people were already engaged in electronic commerce.

In addition, according to survey responses, small traders in China were better equipped to sell their products online and those in South Africa were less prepared.

“In the post-COVID-19 world, the unprecedented growth of e-commerce will disrupt national and international retail structures,” said Carlo Tenieri, president of the Netcom Suisse e-commerce association.

According to the survey, the most used communication platforms are WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger, all belonging to Facebook.

However, Zoom and Microsoft Teams have benefited the most from the increased use of video calling apps in the workplace.

In China, the main communication platforms are WeChat, DingTalk and Tencent Conference, according to the survey.
The changes are here to stay.

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This year’s lockdown situation made us realize that in the absence of our cook and housekeepers, we ended up spending the most time in the kitchen. From breakfast to dinner and meals in between, there’s a lot going on at the kitchen counter. Without help and with twice the work, we know how important kitchen utensils are. They make life easier and simple! Here are four small kitchen appliances that save time.

Gone are the days when this pot was considered suitable only for cooking rice. Steaming, simmering, pressure cooking, boiling food or making desserts – the instant cooker is versatile like no other appliance. In fact, it’s a quick option for cooking dishes that may take longer on the stove. An added advantage: cleaning is easy.

Indoor grills are safer and do not require constant supervision. Good for roasting toast and veg and any other healthy option this should be tried if you like different varieties on your breakfast menu.

Besides brewing tea and coffee in minutes, an electric kettle can do a lot more! Use it to add hot water to your dishes instantly or as a faster option for boiling pasta or eggs. Helps you get rid of the tedious task of putting the pot on the stove whenever you need hot water.

While a giant blender-mixer-grinder is certainly a good and useful option, a hand-held blender can do just about anything. Imagine taking a thin rod out of the drawer, then putting the whole thing in it. Use it in whatever container you want to use for cooking, and no additional containers are needed. From whisking and grinding, to mixing and smoothing, you can use a hand mixer for everything without any additional accessories.

This article is shared by | A leading resource of inspired clone scripts. It offers hundreds of popular scripts that are used by thousands of small and medium enterprises.