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If you love to eat out, you can get great discounts on dinners as Groupon is offering up to 50% off at restaurants in September. The deals website offers discounts on dining at restaurants like Café Rouge, Patisserie Valerie and over 1,000 independent restaurants. Depending on the offer, diners can enjoy a 50% discount on meals, up to £10 per person, Monday to Wednesday at independent restaurants from September 07, 2020.

Diners can also benefit from a 25% discount, up to £5 per person, also from Thursday to Sunday. At Café Rouge and Patisserie Valerie, however, the reduction is limited to 15%, although it is available throughout the week.

To qualify for a discount, diners can go to the free Groupon app and view participating local restaurants, then select the appropriate Eat Out to Help Out offer.

It looks like the codes only offer up to £10 off for one person, so you may need to download multiple codes for more than one dinner; We’ve asked Groupon to confirm this and will update the story as soon as we hear back. .

The 50% discount code and 25% discount code can be used up to three times per week, and customers can purchase an offer on those days and then use it any day of the week. It is not clear if the 15% discount coupon can be used multiple times and if the code is valid for both food and drink; We asked Groupon to confirm.

However, offers may be used in conjunction with other offers on Groupon. Andy Washington of Groupon said, “The government’s Eat Out to Help Out plan has been extremely popular and has provided a much needed boost to the hospitality industry.

Over 100 million meals have been served through the government’s Eat Out to Help Out program.

It lasted until August and was designed for people to go out and spend money after the coronavirus lockdown was lifted. It gave diners a 50% discount of up to £10 per person on food and non-alcoholic drinks Monday through Wednesday when they dined.

Following its success, many restaurants have decided to expand their catering offer. Harvester, Pizza Hut, Toby Carvery, and Witherspoon’s are among chains extending the government’s Eat Out to Help Out program or offering their own similar discounts for part or all of this month.

Main streets in Britain and other retail destinations have had their best week since the start of the shutdown thanks to the Eat Out to Help Out program.

Asda revealed its own replacement deal in September. Meanwhile, Deliveroo is offering money to participate on its own initiative.

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Etsy sellers have been a major source of fancy face masks since the beginning of the pandemic, but it turns out that some of them are barely face masks.

Vendors sell masks made of fishnet, lace, and other materials with visible holes. Masks are often marketed for fashion (some have butterflies or rhinestones) and are advertised as “breathable”. Critics sometimes cite them as a more comfortable way to comply with the mask mandate.

They are also unlikely to be very effective in protecting against the spread of COVID-19. If the holes in a tissue are large enough to be seen, “then obviously viral particles can get through, so it offers very little protection,” said Amy Price, principal investigator at Anesthesia Informatics and Media. Stanford Lab, which has studied masks and contributed to the World Health Organization’s advice on using masks to protect against COVID-19.

The Verge has seen at least a dozen vendors offering mesh or lace masks with holes on the cover of Etsy listings for “mesh mask.” Many of these sellers have multiple listings.

Etsy is “not responsible” for determining the effectiveness of the skins listed on its platform, and sellers cannot make medical or health claims, an Etsy spokesperson told The Verge. At least one list of mesh masks that made medical and legal claims, highlighted in a viral tweet, has been removed.

While it’s not clear that skin mesh sales are particularly prevalent on Etsy, skin sales on Etsy have been huge. In April alone, more than 12 million face masks were sold on Etsy, for a total of around $133 million in sales. Etsy continued to promote sales of face masks in the months that followed. When you first open the site, a mask category is one of the first things we recommend. At least one thinner “breathable” mask appears on the first page of the listings.

A buyer wrote a review saying a mesh mask was “PERFECT” for someone who hates wearing a mask.

The seller of these masks, Stinnys, offers at least seven visibly transparent mask designs. Stinnys told The Verge that his masks are intended for festivals like Coachella and Burning Man and have been donated since before the pandemic. The listings state that the skins are “NOT designed for Covid use”.

“Most customers use them on disposables or N 95,” the company wrote in a message to The Verge.

Many mesh and lace masks are marketed for their style, and some listings specifically state that they are not designed to medical standards. One list says vaguely: “These are PURE masks! They are not intended for additional protection.”

Etsy also displays a disclaimer in search results and on product pages for face masks: “Items sold on Etsy, such as masks and hand sanitizers, are not medical grade. Etsy sellers may not make any medical or health claims. However, some sellers have been able to avoid this warning message by labeling their product as a “face cover” instead of a “face mask”.

A mesh mask “would be better than no mask,” but it would be better if the masks had two or three layers, said Manhar Dhanak, director of the Department of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering at Florida Atlantic University. Diapers, such as filters or even paper towels, can help absorb droplets expelled from the mouth that could carry the virus, Dhanak said.

Countries that made masks and social distancing compulsory at the start of the pandemic have seen lower rates of the spread of COVID-19, Price said, but there is still much research to be done on the effectiveness of “community masks”. “The need for a mask probably won’t go away,” Price said.

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eBay this week is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a 25% discount coupon on 25 brands by eligible sellers. You can shop on eBay and use coupon code PARTYFOR25 to get 25% off. No minimum purchase is required, but the sale is limited to a maximum value of $100 and the coupon does not support auction listings. Some Apple devices with an additional 25% discount include AirPods with wireless charging case, Apple TV 4K, Apple Watch, various Apple cable accessories, official iPhone cases, and more. These Apple products are sold by third party resellers on eBay and may be brand new or refurbished.

Ebay’s 25th Anniversary Sale is available until Monday, September 7 11:59 pm Pacific Time. Coupons can be used once by each customer. Visit eBay website for more details and check back our blog regularly to know about exciting deals and discounts.

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Did you know that companies that personalize their web experience through product suggestions experience a significant increase in conversion?
According to a report by Mckinsey & Co, 35% of purchases on Amazon are the result of its recommendation engine. These days, nearly every online business is leveraging product recommendations to improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and solidify personalization. Obviously, if done correctly, they can increase click-through rates, average order value, conversions, and other important business metrics.
What is a product recommendation engine?

It is a system that collects information and uses algorithms to make recommendations for the benefit of the client and the business. Information is accumulated for each user and analyzed based on categories such as past purchases, demographics, or search history. On this basis, the system delivers content that is tailored to the customer’s needs. Showing limited options of highly relevant products makes decision making easier. According to a Salesforce analyst, this system may represent a small percentage (7%) of visits, but a significant part of revenue (22%).

How to take advantage of product recommendations on websites?

When browsing or shopping online, shoppers expect a seamless and personalized experience. To meet this expectation and increase conversions, an advanced recommendation engine is more necessary than ever.

A Business Insider report reveals that while most customers are looking for an improved personalized experience, only 22% are satisfied with the level of personalization they receive. Improving the shopping experience through product recommendations gives your business a boost. The type of recommendation to show depends on where the buyer is on their trip.

Here are the best practices to consider when developing effective recommendations:

1. Home page

For any user visiting the website for the first time, the homepage is the main point of interaction. New visitors don’t have a specific intention in mind, and as a result, stores can’t collect enough data about them to recommend relevant products. Therefore, the recommendations for first-time home visitors go to great lengths to help them explore and discover products. Since you already have enough data for loyal customers, personalized product recommendations can be easily used. For example, if the consumer has bought a television before, it can display the latest television accessories.

Product recommendations that can be used include:

a. Most popular products: various rules can be based on popularity.
b. Best selling products.
c. Recently Released Items.
d. Products that have discounts or offers.
e. For returning visitors, products related to past purchases or discounts on recently viewed items.

2. Category pages

Category pages need to be differentiated accurately and quickly. Recommendations on category pages are almost similar to those on the homepage, although there is only one difference. The items displayed are specific to the category or subcategory that users see. Here, the products displayed are based on the interaction between the customers and the website.

Product recommendations that can be used include:

a. Top selling items in category.
b. Popular products in category.
c. Recently added products in category.
d. Products with offer or sale in the category.
e. For returning visitors, the items associated with their previous purchase in this category.

3. Product pages

Detailed information about the product you are selling is displayed on the product information page. When consumers visit a product page, we collect data to determine if this is their first product or if they have seen other products. Personalized suggestions can be provided using this available data. The recommendations on the product pages aim to increase the average order value and the conversion rate.

Product recommendations that can be used include:

a. Associated or complementary products (cross-selling).
b. Similar products.
c. Often bought together (top sellers).

4. Cart pages

During the last stage of the customer journey, it is essential to allow them to complete the transaction without distraction. However, companies can take this opportunity to drive sales by recommending products effectively. The main purpose of product recommendations on the shopping cart page is to increase the order value.

Product recommendations that can be used include:

a. Complements or accessories (cross-selling).
b. Recently Viewed Products.
c. Higher value alternative of products added to cart (best selling).
d. Add-ons to benefit from free shipping or other offers.
e. Products that are frequently purchased together for items added to the cart (best selling).

5. Order confirmation page

Most businesses believe the deal is complete after customers make the purchase. However, this is not always correct. Still, they should recommend items based on user interaction. The main purpose of this recommendation is to provide users with another hook so that they can continue their journey through the website and thus repeat the cycle. Knowing that we have important data at this point, these recommendations should be more personalized.

Product recommendations that can be used include:

a. Cross-category recommendation
b. Best sellers (related to items purchased)
c. Trendy items
d. New Arrivals

6. Error or exhausted pages

Reaching an “out of stock” or “404 error” page increases the chances that users will abandon the purchase. The exit rate is usually very high for these error pages, leading to possible loss of conversion. These pages can be turned into potential business opportunities by displaying top sellers (to keep users engaged), items based on browsing history, etc. This can act as an excellent catalyst to repeat the experience that would otherwise be interrupted.

Product recommendations that can be used include:

a. Products similar to out-of-stock or wanted items
b. Recently viewed articles
c. Best sale


Consumers access a website from different channels. Whether you’re developing your current recommendation engine or building one from scratch, you need to provide users with smart advice. Once a basic structure for product recommendations has been established, a detailed system of data entry and analysis should be implemented adding another layer of data. Therefore, applying machine learning can improve recommendations.

Companies can use a variety of product recommendations to increase revenue, customer experience, and engagement. But the key here is to consider the short and long term objects and implement them in a structured way. Therefore, a robust product recommendation engine will help your customers to make more informed decisions very easily, thus increasing your revenue and profits. Advanced product recommendation with cutting edge technology is the way to stay ahead of the competition.

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Those who are disheartened by the closure of Finders Keepers in Westover (5906 Washington Blvd) should be happy to hear that a new consignment store is coming to the same space, but with major new changes.
True to the spirit of the consignment store, Amber Scivolette takes a second-hand retail space and brings it back to life – Finders Keepers becomes Blossom and Buds Consignment.

The store will accommodate both children and adults. The offers will include clothing, shoes and accessories, as well as toys, books, games and other items.

The exterior, which is currently covered mainly in plastic, is also renewed. Scivolette said there will be a new panel and pressure wash coming soon.

The new store is scheduled to open in September, possibly with a soft opening around Thursday, September 10 or Friday, September 11.

While exact details have yet to be finalized, Scivolette said that Blossom and Buds will implement COVID-19 security measures. In the beginning it will mean great importance in selling items through Instagram, Facebook and other social networks. Scivolette said the store will offer contactless pickup if someone wants to buy something they’ve seen online.

While many locals opening new stores have had challenges, Scivolette says he has found a silver lining.

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Golf is a sport universally revered. Golf is great fun, very versatile and very engaging. It’s a sport that can get you hooked and come back to the field every weekend.

Our lives have become so busy, so consumed with work, so obsessed with chasing money, that finding a sport like golf is essential to distract from everyday life. Golf is great fun and very easy to play. I can’t wait to tell you about six useful golf accessories that you shouldn’t be hitting the green without. If you don’t go without the accessories listed below, your game will definitely take a hit.

Here are six useful golf accessories:


Golf Carts make the golf experience a lot easier. Golf is a sport that requires you to take a number of accessories with you, and these accessories and essentials can get very heavy. It is often not possible for someone to carry all of their golf equipment by hand around the course, so people bring caddies and carts.

A push cart means you can spend more time golfing and less time worrying about your sore arms. When choosing the best golf cart, you need to choose one that is easy to push and carry. Many push carts are foldable and can be stored inside your vehicle and can be unfolded and prepared very easily. Bringing a stroller will also save you money and won’t have to rent a cart for the day which can be very, very expensive.

Club bags

When you go to the golf course, you will probably want to bring more than one club. When you venture out with multiple gloves it is essential that you carry bags for your golf clubs. Carrying bags for your golf clubs ensure that your clubs are not damaged during transport and that they are easily accessible. Many people venture out without bags of clubs and simply leave their clubs openly leaning against their cart. To make sure your clubs can be used for many years to come, bring a golf club bag and store them in it until you are ready to use them.


Getting multiple balls off the green is very important. It is common for golfers to lose their balls and therefore compromise their day on the green. Reserve balls are crucial if you want to be able to play an entire day on the green without having to go to a store and collect more balls. The balls sold in the field store are likely to be very expensive and of poor quality. Always have backup balls in your bag so you are covered in case you lose the main balls.

Polarized glasses

Polarized sunglasses block glare from the sun. They are very effective for playing golf and can allow you to follow your balls as you hit them across the course. On a sunny day, you will quickly lose track of all of your bullets and won’t be able to see without being nearly blind. Polarized sunglasses are a great asset when it comes to golf and you should definitely invest in them. They can also allow you to see tracking bullets lost in the water through the water surface.

Sun hat

Wearing a sun hat on the golf course or a golf cap is very important. Spending many hours in the sun can cause melanoma, a type of skin cancer, which can be fatal. You want to make sure you hydrate your skin with protective lotions and protect yourself from possible skin damage. At the very least, if you don’t wear a golf cap, you can end up with a bad sunburn. Always protect yourself when spending long hours in the sun, as it can be very dangerous if you don’t. Take care of your skin.


Gloves are another essential accessory that you cannot venture out into the field without. The gloves will allow you to have a good buy in your club when you play. If you’re not wearing gloves, you risk throwing your club in the air and damaging it (or if someone gets in your way!). Golf clubs are generally very inexpensive and absolutely essential.

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