Ticketing website BookMyShow, which launched a pay-per-view vertical streaming BookMyShow feed, is set to add several new titles to its library this month. Films on offer include the Icelandic horror thriller I Remember You, the English horror film The Power, the mysterious drama Midsommar, the family adventure comedy The Witches, and the romantic comedy Superintelligence.

Launched in February with 600 movie titles and is expected to serve 2,000 movies over the next 9-12 months, BookMyShow’s Transaction Video-on-Demand (TVoD) service offers a range of independent Hollywood, Hindi and abroad. American studios like Sony Pictures, Warner Bros and Universal Pictures, Indian production companies like Viacom18, Shemaroo and Rajshri Productions and regional content providers like Divo and Sillymonks.

It can be viewed on the BookMyShow mobile app and website, as well as Apple TV, Android TV, Firestick, Chromecast, and Desktop browsers. With BookMyShow Stream, users can enjoy features like offline viewing and downloading.

BookMyShow was founded in 2007 and is owned by Big Tree Entertainment Pvt Ltd. Historically, the Network18 media and entertainment group’s investments have been made by Mukesh Ambanis Reliance Industries, as well as global investors such as Accel Partners and SAIF Partners. Network18 currently owns a 39% stake in BookMyShow.

“TVoD, which sits somewhere between theater and subscription platforms, is a legitimate window of opportunity that exists in India. Ashish Saksena had described the latest move as an extension of the company’s movie ticketing business, rather than a compromise or win-win solution.

After a few sporadic attempts, TVoD or the pay-per-view model that allows users to pay for individual offers rather than a full library of content, saw its first big hit in the Indian market last year. Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd launched Zee Plex in October, while Shemaroo Entertainment launched a TVoD box office service ShemarooMe in July.

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Online retailers have seen a boon in the country since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. While people were reluctant to buy large products online, home appliances, laptops and furniture are now seeing high sales on major e-commerce platforms.

An online survey conducted by Smart Home Guide found that more than 50% of respondents buy their appliances through an online platform rather than a physical store. In fact, the main e-commerce portals have seen that the demand for appliances has increased by 200%.

It has profoundly changed the way people consume information. People used to make a purchase decision with one or two visits to the mall, but now consumers take much longer and do more research before buying.

According to the Smart Home Guide survey, 49% of respondents said it took about a week to make a purchase decision. While the younger generation will shop faster, it took most of those over 45 two to three weeks to complete the purchase.

Branded websites, YouTube videos and reviews on ecommerce platforms have replaced marketer wisdom. 67% of those surveyed said they relied on one of these three sources of information. Of these, YouTube was the source of information for 22% of the respondents. This should come as no surprise, as YouTube saw a 13% year-over-year audience increase in the first quarter of 2020.
Additionally, the millennials’ buying habit of prioritizing value for money can be seen in the fact that 38% of respondents rated brand credibility and 33% rated price as the most important factor in their purchase decision.

However, it was also found that they did not mind worrying about the new features, as most of those under 35 bought a new device to replace the old ones. In contrast, most people over 35 year bought a new appliance because the old one broke.

Although there has been a decline in sales in the real estate market, moving to a new home motivated around 18% of those surveyed to buy a new device. This is especially true for large appliances and electronics, such as refrigerators, televisions and washing machines.

With the second wave of Covid-19, consumers are unlikely to return to physical stores anytime soon.

Surveys have previously revealed that consumer safety is one of the main reasons why consumers depend on e-commerce portals. It remains to be seen whether Covid-19 will forever change the shopping habits of Indian consumers.

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During the 2020 global COVID-19 outbreak, the benefits of online grocery delivery (FD) became apparent as it facilitated consumer access to ready-made meals and helped grocery suppliers to continue doing business.

Online platforms for the delivery of groceries offer choice and convenience so that consumers can order from a variety of stores with just a few clicks on their smartphone. Services range from table reservations to local promotions, pre-orders for food and refreshments, and delivery to another location.

With the advancing use of technology in the provision of services and the massive adoption of mobile applications, this industry is now experiencing significant development and expansion worldwide.

Online grocery delivery ideas are becoming increasingly popular with consumers and restaurants. What would you do if you were hungry and wanted to eat something that wasn’t homemade? Just pick up the phone and order food online at your favorite restaurant and voila. Your food is delivered to your doorstep.

95% of restaurateurs agree that using technology improves business efficiency. Food technology organizations are gradually turning to machine learning (ML) technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

The success of a company depends on the customers who offer the greatest added value. However, it can be very difficult to rate your high quality customers. Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies for online grocery delivery enable entrepreneurs to solve these problems by providing rich information about target customers, ideal shoppers, and heaven. Likewise, potential customers are predicted taking into account their behavior and the analysis of the current customer attributes.

Additionally, in online delivery, artificial intelligence has enabled aggregators to provide greater functionality to their platforms. For example, loyalty programs, business intelligence tools, and point-of-sale connections so that orders can be fulfilled without manual mediation and remarketing campaigns are delivered to locations that depend on customer data stored in their data set.

On the contrary, the new services are building their own logistics networks and delivering to cafes that do not have their own drivers. These transactions are paid for by the restaurant with a fixed margin from the order and a small fee from the customer.

Many are eagerly awaiting mobile delivery orders, as this means more sales, more customer loyalty and better competition. With mobile delivery, your location needs to meet the expectations of your customers. First and foremost, this is the most important factor, then item quality, followed by convenience and then only cost is taken into account.

Manually managing food supplies is a time consuming task. Poor inventory management leads to inventory, wasted items and pricing errors. However, if you leave inventory management to AI technology, you save time and wasted items by delivering accurate returns.

Artificial intelligence uses machine learning and visual recognition technologies in the online food delivery industry to indicate food that is unavailable, expired, damaged or expired and unavailable. Send real-time notifications to the right people to understand and act quickly.

Plated is a subscription service that was launched in 2012. An online food delivery platform enables customers to select recipes and have up to 16 meals a week delivered to their doorstep. The app allows customers to choose recipes and delivery days, and offers step-by-step cooking instructions with built-in clocks.

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On National Caregiver Day, we honor the Canadians who care for their family and friends and raise awareness of the essential role of caregivers and educate them about their unique challenges and unmet needs. This year, it is more important than ever to support Canadian nurses as the COVID-19 pandemic has created additional pressure and put their physical, emotional and financial health at risk.

The Carer Well-Being Index, examines the impact of COVID-19 on the Canadian caregiver community. The index highlights some alarming trends affecting Canadian nurses, including increasing demands, increasing responsibilities, inequalities and the general deterioration in their health and well-being.

Canadian caregivers feel more exhausted than ever before. 71% of those surveyed said they felt more burnt than ever. 70% report a deterioration in their mental or emotional health, 55% report a deterioration in their financial health and 51% report a deterioration in their physical health. Canadian caregivers have taken on greater responsibility for emotional support, technology management, home care and advocacy for loved ones, and home care responsibilities have increased by 42% due to the pandemic. 64% of nurses in Canada say their main responsibility is to manage medical appointments.

Caregivers are disproportionately affected. Caregivers and those caring for someone with persistent dementia face unprecedented challenges. 61% of Canadian caregivers surveyed reported being female, 71% said caregiving had a negative effect on their emotional or mental health. Two-thirds (65%) of women surveyed say that care has had a negative impact on their financial health (compared to 56% of the average caregiver in Canada).

To address these challenges, Carers Canada has launched a national campaign called “Nursing Experiences”. Over 25 caregivers in Canada will share what they think, feel and do during their care journeys.

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According to studies, caregiver jobs become very difficult during pandemic, especially the unpaid ones. Caregivers are more likely to report symptoms of anxiety and depression and are more likely to increase substance abuse and consider suicide, according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Mental health support resources and programs. The effort, launched in the honor of National Caregiver Day in Canada, includes virtual life training and free access to a caregiver support app, as well as new caregiver stories that provide an overview and tips on the site. According to the study, nurses spent an average of 23 hours a week helping family members and loved ones during the pandemic. According to the study, Merck KGaA and EMD Serono are using the results to drive awareness and “work with policy makers, work with other advocacy organizations, and work with employers, to ensure we provide the best possible support to this often underestimated and unrecognized population”. Merck KGaA communicated to Fierce Pharma in February. A coalition of Johnson & Johnson and Bristol Myers Squibb support Mental Health America’s COVID-19 awareness efforts to support caregivers and other mental health screening tools, webinars, and podcasts. Famous Sesame Street characters like Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster in videos helping parents deal with children’s worries and stresses.

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Although this business has already become a thriving industry in the western part of the world, the dog clothing industry is booming even among urban animal lovers in Nepal. As a result, there are many pet stores (virtual and physical) across the country selling a variety of pet clothing and accessories, including gloves, sweatshirts, boots, socks, coats, jackets, and everything in between.

Here is a list of some pet stores in the Kathmandu Valley where you can buy pet clothing and accessories:

1. Pawsome: Pawsome is an online pet store that only sells clothes and accessories for pets, especially cats and dogs. Pawsome’s main products are bandanas (scarves), overalls (Santa jumpsuit, reindeer overalls, blue overalls and many more) and dog beds. This shop also has a matching headband and elastic band for pet owners and an animal bandana in case you want twins with your pets.

2. Pet Store Nepal: Pet Store Nepal is another major e-commerce website that sells pets, primarily dogs and aquariums, as well as dog food and accessories, including pet clothing. Animal lovers in the Kathmandu Valley can buy animal clothing online and pay the amount upon delivery. Those who are not in the valley can also benefit from the delivery service, but have to pay in advance.

3. Pawshome Nepal: Pawshome Nepal is one of the most popular online pet stores, where you can buy pets, mainly dogs of various breeds, as well as clothing, toys, and accessories. Apart from that, Pawshome Nepal also offers pet food and beverages as well as health and beauty products.

  1. Khicha: Khicha is an online animal apparel store where animal lovers can find Nepal-made costumes for their pets, mainly dogs. Khicha pet clothing is also available from Daraz. And their products include custom sweatshirts, t-shirts, sweaters, and many other dresses.
  1. All Breed Pet Shop: The All Breed Pet Shop is a pet shop located in Naya Baneshwor, Kathmandu. This pet store sells dogs of various breeds, as well as dog clothes and accessories such as wool suits, collars, t-shirts, jackets, etc.

6. Luswaa: Luswaa is a small clothing brand that specializes in crocheting and knitting that is based in the United States and owned by a Nepalese national.
This startup offers a variety of knitting and crochet products such as key rings, neck warmers, gloves, hairbands, hats and crochet, and dog sweaters.

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The pandemic is forcing many industries to innovate and come up with ideas that will help them stay relevant in the “new normal”. One of those seemingly minor innovations is the huge success in India’s online matchmaking industry.

On June 22nd,, one of the most popular wedding websites in India, launched a video calling feature that allows the bride and groom to interact with each other at a time when people are not holding face-to-face meetings due to the coronavirus epidemic. On the first day of launch, the service was used by nearly 75,000 users, and the next day, more than 100,000 people tested the functionality.

According to the company, more than 500,000 users made video calls on in less than a month. is not the only wedding portal that has started and used the video calling function. Bharat Matrimony, which is part of, India’s largest matrimony company, and, owned by Internet market leader Info Edge, also encountered heavy traffic on their video call service.
Indians stranded at home working from home amid the pandemic have more time than ever to navigate marriage portals. And matchmaking portals are aware of this possibility.

Video calls can add to these discussions, however, not many people would like to share their Skype IDs or WhatsApp numbers with complete strangers. This offers the opportunity to see a potential applicant in the wedding app and to speak to him.

Bharat marriage goes a step further by allowing women to call whoever they want, while men only take calls. Experts say this additional feature will help empower women. There are also some advantages for matchmaking companies. This feature can help matchmaking platforms increase user engagement.

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FoodPanda believes there is room for improvement in the food delivery market that remains largely untapped in the Asia-Pacific region. They hope to achieve this not by building a “super application” like many of the contemporaries, but by using technology to diversify services with “strategic” synergies.
The Singapore-based food delivery platform processes an average of seven to eight orders per customer per month, which can be considered high in the e-commerce space. But compare the fact that those numbers are still low with the frequency with which people eat each day, according to Jakob Angele, Asia Pacific CEO of FoodPanda.

The food industry has remained young and has plenty of room for more innovation and technological progress. This development was particularly critical for food aggregators and platforms like FoodPanda, which operated with low margins and without the luxury of overloading their services.

So the question is how customers can be encouraged to have more contact points for food or FoodPanda with the help of the technology, ”Angele said during a video call with ZDNet.

FoodPanda was bought by Delivery Hero from Berlin in 2016 and is currently represented in 12 Asian markets, including Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines and the most recent addition in Japan.

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2020 has brought profound changes across all industries. The biggest victim of Covid-19 is our wallet. The world has felt the effects of Covid-19 in a number of ways.

This year, people’s resilience was tested, forcing people and professionals around the world to change the way they live and work on the go. We have seen that more than a million people have lost their jobs. Covid-19 first saw a lot of people working as freelancers. The term autonomous is not new, but it has grown steadily and rapidly in recent years. But being your own boss doesn’t mean constantly struggling for professional success.

There are so many freelance job boards out there that finding new opportunities is just a few clicks away. There is always enough workforce available during an economic downturn, but your talents will help you stand out. Here are the top 5 freelance websites for your career.

1. KIWI was launched in 2020 by entrepreneurial tech Imran Ladiwala and Mishu Ahluwalia. The startup helps people solve their problems in real time and the freelancers get their money in 60 minutes. The economy for odd jobs is growing dizzyingly, and COVID-19 has fueled that growth. With KIWI, customers hire an experienced freelancer to solve their exact problem immediately. After all, freelancers would spend more time developing their skills than preparing presentations or sales proposals..2. Upwork is perhaps one of the best freelance websites for finding a job no matter what type of freelance writer you are. Web development, graphic design, customer support and even freelance writing specialists will find that Upwork has a lot to offer. The seemingly endless stream of job vacancies is constantly updated. From small businesses to large corporations, there are many types of businesses looking to hire bloggers, freelance designers, and freelance writers through Upwork.
3. If you’re looking for creative inspiration, you’ve landed on Behance. With Behance, your work will capture an audience of like-minded creatives.
And if your work deserves the coveted showcase project, you will get even more positive visibility. Who knows who might see it and want to hire you.
Behance also works as a social network to connect with other designers. Expanding your contact list could open up new design possibilities.

4. 2021 is also the year women have to be competitive and stand up for themselves when it comes to competitive pricing. Otherwise we will see the wage balance deteriorate even further. Kool Kanya is an online community helping young Indian women develop successful and fulfilling careers. With Kool Kanya, you join a powerful career network that gives you access to career opportunities, community support and simple career advice.
5. Fiverr was founded in 2010 with the concept of buying and selling professional services worldwide for as little as $5. Having a presence in multiple independent locations will give you maximum exposure. It can be one of the best freelance websites to use if you’re willing to do the hard work it takes to be successful. Many designers offer their services on Fiverr, often cheaper and of questionable quality, but don’t let that put you off.

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Samsung launched the Galaxy M02 in India, the latest in the company’s budget phone line. The phone will be the successor to the Galaxy M01 launched by the smartphone giant in June 2020.
The Samsung Galaxy M02 has a variant with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. According to the product page on Amazon, it will initially be available in India at an introductory price of Rs 6,799, while the price is Rs 6,999. Another variant with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory has not yet been priced. The phone is available in red, gray, black and blue colors and is expected to be available on February 9 from Amazon, Samsung India’s online store, and major offline retailers.

Specifications and features:

The Samsung Galaxy M02 is a dual nano SIM phone running Android 10 with a user interface. A 6.5 inch screen offers an Infinity-V HD + display and 3 GB of RAM and MediaTek SoC has been integrated into the phone. The phone offers a dual rear camera with a 13MP main sensor and a 2MP macro shooter. The phone has a 5 megapixel front camera.

While the phone has 32GB of internal storage, it also supports expandable storage up to 1TB through a dedicated microSD card slot. WLAN, Bluetooth, 4G LTE, USB Type-C connection and GPS / A-GPS characterize the connectivity functions offered by the phone. With a 5000mAh battery, the phone supports standard 10W charging.

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